Top 4 Add-on Lenses for Smartphones

Lenses for Smartphones

Smartphones have come a long way ever since their humble beginnings. Over the years, the importance of capturing high-quality photos through smartphones has picked up momentum. Since phone cameras couldn’t capture objects located at great distances away from the photographer, the demand for add-on lenses skyrocketed.

The introduction of add-on lenses has made it possible for smartphones to take mesmerizing pictures. With the help of these portable lenses, you can capture amazing moments and views knowing that you will not need to worry about the photo quality later. You can even start your professional photography career with these add-on lenses and a professional photographer website builder to help you promote your photos, start selling them so you can save money for a professional photo camera.

Lenses for Smartphones

If the above sounds like a good plan for you, then here are the top five add-on lenses you should consider for your smartphone.

1. Moment Photo Cases and Lenses

Standing as one of the most respected lens manufacturers in the smartphone photography industry, Moment Photo provides camera cases and lenses for different iPhone and Samsung phones. The most popular add-ons on these lenses are the wide-angle lens, 58mm telephoto lens, a superfish lens for taking wide fisheye images, and a high-quality Macro lens for taking close-up shots. Recently, they have also started special cases for the OnePlus series. These cases are perfect for attaching the Moment lenses as they deliver amazing results.

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2. OlloClip Multi-Device Clip for Connect X lenses

OlloClipwas known to be manufacturing add-on lenses for iPhone only. It was this way up until they launched the Olloclip Multi-device Clip. This clip allows Android smartphones to use allof the company’s Connect X lenses. Through the clip, the lenses can be attached with the front or rear camera of the phone. The four-element lens offered by Olloclip covers 120 degrees, whereas their ultra-wide lens increases the field of view to 155 degrees. Other than these lenses, Olloclip is known for its 2x telephoto lens and a fisheye lens that creates a spherical effect.

3. Aukey Ora Camera Lenses

The Aukey Ora camera lenses come with a wide range of specifications. There are different versions of the lens available in the market. One variant offers 0.45x, 140-degree view, and a 10x macro. While the other version is more suited towards macro functionality with a 15x and a wide-angle range of 120 degrees. These lenses come with clips, which makes them useful for different smartphones, including Apple, Samsung Galaxy S, and Lenovo devices.

4. Photojojo Magnetic iPhone and Android Lens

Starting at a low-price range, these lenses can make your shots look like the professional ones. With each lens crafted from high-clarity glass, you know you have purchased quality with these lenses. These magnetic lenses offer different shooting options, such as wide-angle shots and fisheye. Since these lenses are magnetic, you can attach them to your phone and start taking high-quality shots right away. These lenses come in 16mm to 25mm diameter range.

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Honorable Mentions

Other than the lenses mentioned above, you can also look into Mobi-Lens and Shuttermoon Camera Lens kit. Similarly, if you are looking for cheaper options, you can go with the Godefa lens kit which comes with an 18x telephoto, 0.63x wide-range, 198-degree fisheye, and CPL filter lenses. Other than the lenses, you also receive a tripod, a lens bag, and even a shutter button. Pick your best choice of add-on lenses today and capture special life moments with your smartphone every day.