Free Versus Paid Data Recovery Software: 5 Things to Note

Data Recovery


Data loss can happen anytime, anywhere. It is something that will go unnoticed and wreak havoc on your data management system or Data Recovery.

We believe that most of the data losses are due to malware attacks and any other external theta. They do contribute to some percentage, but the majority of data losses happen due to our negligence towards data management.

While handling tons of data, there can be many things that go wrong. Talk about accidental data deletion, formatting disk to clear up some space, or damages to the hard drives; there are just too many things that can go wrong from your end.

Hence, it is important to invest in data backups and data security protocols. However, even after taking every necessary step possible, data loss happens; at this time, you can use data recovery software to recover your lost data.

What Is Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software is a tool to recover lost, deleted, damaged, corrupted, and inaccessible data. This software works on complex algorithms that scan the storage device and find all the data.

Today, the data recovery industry has become one of the big industries. As we move forward with digitalization, we would need a data recovery solution to cope with uncertainties.

When it comes down to data recovery software, the market is overflowing with them. Some offer free services while some are paid. This diverse form of services confuses users to whether go for free data recovery services or paid.

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This article will take you through features of paid and free data recovery software and highlight what each has to offer.

Free Vs. Paid Data Recovery Software

The basic difference between paid and free data recovery’s software is the subscription fee you have to pay for using them. Let’s compare them.

1. Features

When comparing the free and paid data recovery’s software based on theory features, the results were quite astounding. We found that even free data recovery’s software works on the same sophisticated algorithm as paid data recovery software.

Hence, the paid and free version of data recovery’s software is pretty much the same in this regard. Typically, they only differ in the types of media they support and the total size that can be recovered.

2. Performance

Now coming to performance comparison, we hardly find any difference. We used the free and paid version of the data recovery’s software to scan the same number of files; the scanning speed was almost the same in both cases.

As we have already mentioned above, free and paid software tends to vary only on the amount and the type of data you can scan and recover.

3. Accuracy

Accuracy was the first pillar of difference where we were able to see some differences visually. Using free data recovery’s software, you will find that the free version does not penetrate enough to find the data lost in the deepest part of the storage system.

While on the other hand, paid data recovery’s software is well equipped to dive deep into the deepest part of the storage devices and excavate data from the deepest corner.

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4. Support

Support is also one area where the free and paid version of a data recovery’s software varies the most. The only paying customers get to enjoy 24*7 technical support. Well, that is understandable from the business viewpoint.

5. Pricing & Plans

Pricing does play an important role. After all, we are comparing a free product and a paid product. With the free data recovery’s software, you get limited access to data recovery’s. But with the paid version, you can get what you pay.

For instance, paid versions have basic plans and advance plans, each catering to new features. Depending on brands and plans, the price can vary from $40 to $700.

Which Is Better Data Recovery Software?

Free data recovery’s software exists, but they tend to have limited access to certain features such as limited data recovery gigabytes. However, with paid data recovery software, you can have terabytes to unlimited data recovery facilities depending on the plan.

For more evolved data recovery’s scenarios, you can take the internal drive into account and see whether free software offers internal drive data recovery’s or not.