Digital addiction is the story of almost every teenager or even child. Not in literal terms, but every next child is addicted to using social media, playing video games, or just surfing through the webs. FamilyTime App has provided many features that allow parents to keep a check over their kids’ activities through their phones. Here is how it can help you to prevent the habits that lead to lethal compulsive usage of mobile phones and other devices. 


One of the major problems with kids is that when they start using their phones, they do not know when to stop. Because it stays in their hands and before their eyes during eating, studying, at the bed, and everywhere. You cannot be with them every moment to tell them to stop, right?

So, what do you do?

Actually, you do not need to do anything once you put screen time limits on kids’ devices. There are specific time limits for every age group to use a screen which, elsewise, can prove very harmful. So, putting that limit will automatically lock their phone once the time is up. 

Moreover, customized schedules can prevent the usage of the phone during specific hours like bedtime, lunchtime, and study time, etc.


Web filters can save your kids from falling prey to many predators and prevent adult content from appearing on their screens. 

The Internet does not discriminate on the basis of age. Everyone’s search results are the same and include all the information available. Now, you do not want your child to be exposed to every kind of content. Particularly, you have to prevent violent and sexual content from appearing in the search results. Well, this is as simple as anything.

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What you have to do is to select all the categories of questionable content, available on the FamilyTime app. None of them will ever occur on their devices. Moreover, you can block websites, certain topics, and all the deep webs. Doing this will keep worry-free about your child’s internet usage. Also, your child will not be addicted to any negative content. 


Social media and other apps like video gaming are the main sources of developing digital addiction. Well, they are made with the plan to attract and enchant people. It is very difficult to get out of that fake world that keeps you tangled in it. 

I know you keep on telling your kids to stop their phone activities and do something else but they do not listen. Well, have you ever thought about putting unsaid restrictions? Here is how they happen.

FamilyTime parental control app allows you to

  • Limit the usage time of each app individually
  • Put customized schedules for using them only during specific hours
  • Block the apps that are showing adult content or making your child addicted to them
  • Allow or reject the download of an app once your child tries to install one

In short, you get all the control in your hands. From the screen of your phone, you are managing everything.   


What if you need your kids to be with you or to be a part of some activity, family gathering and they are not showing up? This is the trait of many kids with access to mobile phones. 

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FamilyTime App offers instant lock features for bedtime, lunchtime, or any particular that is more important than using a phone. Lock their devices temporarily and over time, they will learn when to stop using phones.


It is perfectly fine that you do not have time to check all of your child’s activities on a daily basis. Every third day or even on weekends, you can check their activities over the internet and the time they spent on different digital platforms. Then talk to them to do counseling and change the restrictions based upon their performance. 

This is easier than you think. Also, there are a lot more features for parents that you can check on its website. Download it from App Store or Play Store. Have fun using it!

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