New Business Advertising Tips to Instantly Attract Clients

Business Advertising Tips

Over half a million new businesses are launched yearly. But nearly the same number of businesses close each year. One major factor in a small business’s success comes down to marketing. Not knowing how to advertise a new business can lead to a quick and costly collapse. Ensure your future success with these new business advertising tips and methods.

Use Social Media

Old mom-and-pop businesses may not need to rely on social media, but new businesses today will likely fail without some social media presence.

No matter who your ideal customer is, you’ll likely find them online. Older customers can easily be reached on Facebook, while a younger demographic is common on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

The best way to advertise a new business on social media is through paid ads. But consider other options too, like influencer marketing deals or collaborations with other new businesses.

Try Google Ads

Nearly every business wants to rank in Google searches. And if you can’t yet, you can pay your way there instead.

Google offers pay-per-click ads, where you pay based on how many people click your ad placement.

This can be a quick way to get your business in front of new eyes.

Place Ads in Podcasts

One of the freshest ways to advertise a new business is to run audio ads during podcast episodes.

Over the last three years, the number of podcast listeners has grown by over 40%. And there are podcasts about almost every imaginable topic, making it a great way to advertise to your specific niche.

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Typically, podcast ads are recorded by the host or producer of the podcast. As a business owner, you just pay them to read a quick 15-to-30-second script about your product or service.

Localize Your SEO Strategy

Online advertising allows you to connect with customers all over the world. Yet one of the most important advertising tips for new businesses these days is to think local.

When you create content online or launch your website for the first time, you’ll need to use SEO strategies to show up in search engines.

But be sure to take that one step further by localizing SEO strategies. This means you’ll appeal to people in your specific geographic market.

To get started, refer to the Ultimate Guide For Local SEO for valuable tips.

Market Through Webinars

This method is especially useful for businesses offering a service or online product.

If that sounds like you, consider running a webinar. A webinar is an online seminar, often made available for free to participants in exchange for their email addresses.

In your webinar, you offer an engaging presentation full of information your customer wants. Then, towards the end, you lead into an advertisement for a service or product they must pay for.

Webinars have become a common marketing strategy, offering a win-win for both businesses and potential customers.

New Business Advertising Tips to Skyrocket Your Business

As a new business owner, you may worry about what the future holds for your small business. But with the best new business advertising methods, you can feel more confident in what’s to come.

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