Explore Area 51 Today

When it comes to fans of aliens, conspiracies, and sci-fi there isn’t a single more mysterious location in the world than Area 51. We’ve all heard of it and had our thoughts about what might be there, but nobody will ever truly know what Area 51 holds. But what… if you could?

If you are looking to have your alien-themed adventure from the comfort of Los Angeles while making sure there’s no risk of abduction, then the Area 51 Escape Room from Maze Rooms is perfect for you.

What is the Area 51 Escape Room?

The Area 51 Escape Room is an escape room experience hosted and organized by Maze Rooms in Los Angeles, which allows adventurous people to finally find out what’s behind the mystery of Area 51, or well, it at least lets them see Maze Rooms own personal take on it. Which of course includes aliens, extraterrestrial technology, and a lot of mystery, just the way we want Area 51 to be.

In this game session players will take the role of an adventurous soul who managed to enter the fabled Area 51. However, for reasons unknown to all, it seems all personnel is missing, and your job` won’t be as simple as discovering what lies hidden on Area 51, you might need to make sure nothing breaks out either…

What caused the scientists to disappear? What’s behind that locked door? And how can you expect to survive Area 51 if its designated staff is nowhere to be found? Do you have what it takes to discover all of Area 51’s secrets in just one hour? Are you up to the task of finding out what left the premises in such a derelict state? Will you get to do an alien autopsy?

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The answers can only be found by playing, and as usual, that’s the true wonder and joy of escape rooms., Being able to protagonize an adventure unlike any found in the real world.

Who’s the experience meant for?

The Area 51 Escape Room has a complexity rating of 2/3 according to Maze Rooms themselves and is meant for groups of up to 8 people, But let’s try to be more thorough on what that rating ultimately means for interested players.

With an intermediate level, the Area 51 Escape Room experience is not immediately the easiest to tackle. If you’ve gone through other beginner friendly rooms before then this one will require more thinking and more creative solutions. It’s an experience that expects you to come up with solutions on your own instead of mostly going through the motions and enjoying the plot unfolding.

However, that doesn’t mean that Area 51 is an unapproachable game session either. 2/3 simply means intermediate and the game is recommended for players as young as 8 years old. The game won’t be transparently easy, but it’s still perfectly doable and should be a nice challenge for a large enough group.

In short, if you are interested in exploring Area 51 with Maze Rooms expect to do some thinking, but there’s no need to worry, as it’s not the most challenging course in their repertoire either.