How to Personalize Your Home Bar With Beer Tap Handles?

Bar With Beer Tap Handles

✔️ Beer tap handles types and materials: how to choose the right one? ✔️ Tips to help you create the perfect personalized beer tap handle.

If you seriously get involved in brewing, it’s time to start looking for tap handles for sale.

With these taps, you can make beverage dispensing more convenient and functional, as well as personalize the home bar and show visitors your favorite beers.

Beer Tap Handles Types and Materials

Beer tap handles can be made of different materials: ceramics and porcelain, brass and other metals, wood and resin.

The most popular are products of ceramics and wood: both of these materials are quite durable, reliable, and convenient to operate.

Wood is always a great choice! 

You can choose from several types of wood. Each of them has its own unique pattern and shade, so you get a unique model. Wood is a very malleable raw material: you can order a beer tap handle of almost any shape.

Ceramics are perfect for both modern and vintage-style bars. They are available in white and black, and in various shades of marble.

In addition to the material, it is worth paying close attention to the type of beer tap handle. There are:

  • Blank taps

These are standard products designed for alcoholic beverage dispensing. They come in one of the standard shapes: cylindrical, rectangular, paddle-shaped, with a knob, etc.

  • Chalkboard tap handles

A great solution for pubs where menus change frequently or seasonal drinks periodically appear.

Such models have a special section for writing, where you can write the title of the beer with a marker or chalk.

  • Collectible
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Original vintage tap handles are quite expensive. Instead, you can buy collectible tap handles, which have a retro look and copy the design of old-school beer tap handles.

  • Unique

Here you can find original models that will become a real decoration of your establishment: in the form of a farmer, a lady in a red dress, a golfer, President Obama with a pint of beer, a chef, a girl in a bikini, Santa Claus with a barrel, a hand with a glass of beer, etc.

Tips for Designing Your Home Bar Beer Tap Handle

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect personalized beer tap handle:

  • Think about the overall style of your home bar. You can choose a design that complements the interior or reflects your taste.
  • Decide on the shape and size. It should be easy to grip and easy to use.
  • Select materials complementing the interior.
  • Consider branding: it can be the logo, image, or slogan of the establishment, as well as the names of popular varieties available in your assortment.

Find the best tap handles for sale on the Xpress Tap Handles website.

Here you will be helped to choose a high-quality, convenient, and stylish model, which will be a real decoration of your home bar.