How To Clean Upholstered Chairs Without The Help Of A Steam Cleaner?

Clean Upholstered Chairs

Yes, cleaning your upholstered chair without the help of a steam cleaner is possible. It is a fact that cleaning upholstered furniture is difficult, as you cannot easily remove the upholstery like you do a bedcover and just throw it in the washing machine. But is not necessary that you MUST have a steam cleaner in order to clean your upholstered chair. Acting fast is key to removing any sain. The longer you let it sit, the more stubborn it becomes. Know the kind of material with which your upholstery is made. This helps in deciding on the cleaning hacks which can be tried on the chairs when a stain does occur. With the right tools and the right technique, you can clean your upholstered chairs in less than half an hour. So, let us see how to get Clean Upholstered Chairs.

Step 1: Vacuum your upholstered chair

Even without a steam cleaner, you can still get the dirt off of your upholstered chairs with the help of a proper vacuuming session. Take a hard-bristled brush to brush through the chair to loosen up the dirt. If you feel like the brush is not able to get to the nooks and crannies of your upholstered chair, you can also use the help of a crevice brush for the same. Start off by vacuuming the wider parts like the seat and the back of the chair. This can be done using the upholstery attachment in the vacuum cleaner. Then switch to the narrow head attachment to get the dirt off of the crevices and edges. Make sure to vacuum every bit of the upholstery. You can carry out the process by vacuuming from left to right in short strokes that overlap each other. Be mindful of the material of your upholstery in this process. 

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Step 2: It is time to tackle the stains now 

Once the upholstered furniture is all vacuumed and Clean Upholstered Chairs, it is time to take care of the stains. Check for any labeling anywhere in your upholstery, for letters like ‘S’, ‘W’, or ‘X’. The letter ‘S’ indicates that you should use a solvent that is non-water-based, like alcohol. You should skip water here. If it says ‘W’, it means that you can use water to clean the upholstery. If it says ‘X’, means that you cannot use either of those and ‘ S/W’ means that you can use both of them. Be mindful of these before starting with the stain-removal process. Also, most upholstery comes with a layer of fabric protector applied on top of it, to protect it from stains. Check with the manufacturer to see how long it lasts, and reapply when needed. 

White vinegar and baking soda are your best friends when it comes to stain removal from your upholstered chair. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and apply this to your stained area. Leave it for some time and then wipe it off using a microfibre cloth. You can also use white vinegar and baking soda or white vinegar alone for the same

Step 3: Scrub it all off

Make a cleaning solution by mixing a quality laundry detergent (just one teaspoon) with one liter of water. Dip a microfibre cloth in the mixture and gently wipe down the upholstered chair. You can scrub the areas that need it, but make sure not to use too much water. Clean the cloth at regular intervals to make sure that no major dirt is stuck on it. The catch is to not let the water get inside the chair no matter what. 

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Step 4: Rinse off the cleaning solution

Once the cleaning solution has done its job, it is time to rinse it off. What is challenging in this step is that you cannot directly wash it off like anything else. So, take a clean damp cloth and run it over each nook and corner of the upholstered chair. Dip the cloth in water, once it is covered in a detergent solution. Clean it and wipe down the furniture. Carry on this for as long as it takes to get the cleaning solution off of the upholstery. 

Step 5: Dry the furniture

The most obvious step that follows wiping down the upholstered chair is to dry it up completely. You can seel the help of paper towels and ceiling fan for the same. Dab the upholstery with paper towels until no more moisture is left. You can then switch on the ceiling fan and leave the chair under it for the drying process to speed up. Do not leave the upholstered chair under direct sunlight as it may cause the fading of color. So, just to be safe, if you want to dry them outside, keep them under the shade. You can always seek the help of expert cleaners to help with your upholstery cleaning, as this is a much easier and efficient option

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