8 Best Apps for Girls to Have In Their Smartphones

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything, which is why you as a lady should not have to struggle to handle every aspect of your life manually. With the right apps, your phone will double up as a competent assistant in the management of day-to-day activities and make the best use of your precious storage space. If you want to get access to the best cell phone tracking apps, visit 

Below is a list of apps that you should consider installing:


When a girl goes out, her priority will most likely be her security. With an app like Companion, you can be confident that your safety is catered for. This revolutionary app was designed by University of Michigan students to alert your emergency contacts or ‘companions’ of the possibility of a security event.

You just enter your destination, select companions from your contacts, then you can start walking home via a route designated on a live map. In case you start running, or your phone falls, then the app asks you whether everything is fine. Failure to reply within 15 seconds will result in your companions being contacted. This fantastic app also has features in place to contact the police and alerts of a possible unsafe circumstance.


A bathroom is a critical part of a girl’s life, even when she is in unfamiliar territory. This app was designed by the toilet paper manufacturer Charmin to help you find a nice, clean and sweet smelling bathroom close by.


This app is specially designed to help girls keep up with their monthly cycles, and comes highly recommended by gynecologists. You need not to get any rude shocks as you go about your life.


If you need inspiration for your next DIY project or what style to put on your hair, then look to Pinterest. This awesome app allows you to select your favorite categories like fashion or animals or search for specific items. The high-resolution images will inspire you to take the next bold step.


VSCO is the best app for editing your photos like a pro before uploading them to social media. This app boasts about 18 user-friendly tools that will make you tweak your picture to suit your preference.

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Nike+ Training Club

All fitness fans know Nike for being the go-to brand for all fitness solutions. This fantastic app will provide you with a myriad of bodyweight exercises of different difficulty levels to get you in shape.


If you are looking for a financial management solution, then Mint is your best bet. Mint helps you organize your finances by pooling your investments, bills, bank accounts, and expenses onto your screen. It also gives you regular updates to keep your payments timely, help you avoid debt and keep your credit score up.


If you are product conscious and want a solution to help you obtain nothing but the best, healthiest self-care products like perfumes, lotions or powder, then download GoodGuide. This app gives you a reliable rating system for all products to help you see the highest to the lowest rated items.

Couple (app)

So, you have your girlfriend or boyfriend. The best app you can use is the couple app. Formerly called pair, couple app provides two people a private messaging service, especially for those in a romantic relationship. Like any other app, it allows girls to share texts, videos, and texts. It functions like its competitor apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. However, one unique feature it has is that it’s designed for communication between two people. Therefore, it eliminates the accidental sending of messages and pictures to the wrong contact or people. Additionally, the app allows you to design a unique code for it that would only allow you to access it when entered.

Water Daily

Water Daily is a good app, that’s not only beneficial to girls but everybody as well. It reminds you of when to drink water if you are trying to keep and track your health. It enables you to email the data to friends or doctor to see your daily, weekly or monthly consumption. One nice feature about it is that it has a simple interface that’s single focused and productive. Unlike other apps that complicate your goal, the app’s home screen displays the number of glasses you’ve taken so far. It’s perfect for keeping tabs of your water intake because it has a reminder that’ll notify you of when to drink water.

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Blog Lovin

It’s one of the best apps for girls to discover websites and blogs. It’s basically for you to find your favorite bloggers and you have them in one feed so that you can easily open them up and see their current posts and comment on them. Even if you love watching videos as a way to consume your information, the app will come in handy as you can open it up and read it while on the train, when you’re committed to working or free. You’ll find blogs you can follow on many different niches such as fitness, beauty, health, freelancing, cake making, wedding or whatever interest you may have. You’ll find a blog on it.


It’s a birth control reminder designed for women who use birth control pills. Even if you are not concerned about the hormonal surges that come about with contraceptive pills, you’ll still contend with panic that comes with forgetting to pop it up. This app is perfect for visual learners. The home screen has an imitation of how a typical pill package would look like. In a glance, it’s easy to tell what day you are on and the remaining days you have on the pack. The app lets you track your period, mark when you’ve had sex and take down notes. Even with no internet access, it notifies you the time to take the pill. Additionally, it also keeps tracks of those that use the ring or patch methods.


The apps above will help you make the best out of your phone by offering quick solutions to everyday challenges.