5 Ways To Empower a Teen With ADHD For The New Year

Empower a Teen With ADHD

This January 1st, you can set your ADHD teen up for success with a few simple strategies. The New Year is a time of reinventing yourself and also giving yourself a fresh start. If your teenager has ADHD, they may struggle with feeling like they’re good enough. You can help them wipe the slate clean and make new goals and routines for a more successful year in life, relationships and education. Here are five ways to empower your ADHD teen.

Help Them Establish a Successful Routine

The first step is to establish a routine that they can follow each day. ADHD children may have trouble with various life tasks since they have problems with their executive functioning in their brains. ADHD symptoms in teens may include struggling to get started on tasks, procrastinating, feeling anxious or being disorganized. A strong daily routine and schedule can help with these.

Praise & Encouragement

The second way you can help build up your teen with ADHD is to offer plenty of praise and encouragement. Children diagnosed with ADHD may have trouble with self-esteem. When they make mistakes, they may feel even worse. A good way to combat this is to build in times for praise and encouragement for your child. Opt for meaningful ways to praise your child, using specific examples. Keep your child motivated by also encouraging them.

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Teaching your child to be mindful of their thoughts and their actions may also be beneficial if there is an ADHD diagnosis. Teens can help start the New Year fresh if they also develop a way to take care of themselves. Parents can also model using mindfulness strategies to stop negative attitudes in their tracks.

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Effective Supplements or Medication Therapy

Some children with ADHD may also benefit from medication or supplements to help them focus more or be more effective in their daily lives. Picking the right medication therapy involves some trial and error for some patients. Check out Brillia reviews from parents to see honest experiences, or look at Thesis reviews ADHD for some other options. Combine medication therapy with counseling or behavioral health services to get the most impact in your child’s life.

Advocating for Themselves

The fifth way you can help your ADHD teen thrive in the New Year is to start teaching self-advocating skills. Teens may be more independent in school and may also be working part-time jobs. Your teen will need to understand what they need to be successful in each of these areas. They also need to have skills to communicate their needs to teachers, administrators, supervisors, co-workers and peers. This can help them prepare for the future in a full-time job and career.

The New Year is full of possibilities for teens. Teens with ADHD may have some additional challenges to consider before having a successful transition to a new calendar year. These tips may help your teen with ADHD start off the year right and continue to make good choices and enrich their life.

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