How to optimize YouTube videos and improve search rankings?

“YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it’s essential to have more people search for you, create compelling content, and optimize your videos.”

YouTube is the world’s largest video site, and every hour YouTube broadcasts hundreds of millions of hours of video to Internet users around the world, with more and more videos being played on mobile devices.

More notably, search is also an important feature of YouTube. YouTube has surpassed Yahoo and Microsoft Bing and is the second largest search engine in the world. As a marketer, such a good platform, we certainly can’t miss it.

Creating a YouTube channel is very simple, in the “Settings – Overview” option:

The main page of the channel is presented in such a way that the channel can be named after the brand or product. Your channel preferably has a theme, and of course it can be built around your brand and products.

After a few simple steps, you can start your YouTube trip, but it’s important that your YouTube channel be very specific and targeted, targeting a specific audience and providing them with valuable content.

When we have started and run the YouTube channel, it is necessary to talk about search engine optimization. As mentioned before, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is essential to want more people to search for you, create compelling content and optimize your video.

Below, I will introduce you to several ways to optimize your video to improve your ranking in search results.

How to optimize YouTube videos -Tips

01. Title

The title is what you see first when you browse the list of videos, so make sure it’s clear and engaging, with the most important information and keywords.

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The standard for good titles is that the audience sees them, is curious about the content, or knows what problems your video can help them solve. You can do some keyword research to better understand what the audience is looking for.

02. Introduction

YouTube will only display the first two or three lines of the video introduction, click “Show more” to see the rest. Therefore, the first few words should put keywords or important links into it.

You can then add a copy of the video, which can greatly improve SEO because there are many keywords in the copy. You can also add default channel descriptions, add links to your other social media, and more.

For example, in the video introduction below, the publisher puts the keywords and links in the first two lines.

03. Label

The tag can re-emphasize the keywords in the title and description. Use tags to associate your videos with similar videos to expand the reach and exposure of your videos.

04. Category

After uploading the video, select the video category under “Advanced Settings.” Video categories also group your videos with related content on the platform. When viewers view related videos, your video will also have a chance to be discovered.

For example, there will be a lot of relevant video recommendations on the right side of the homepage or play page.

05. Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are the primary images that viewers see in the video list and have a large impact on the number of clicks and views on the video.

YouTube will automatically generate some optional thumbnails for your videos, but it is recommended that you upload custom thumbnails. The 1280 x 720 pixel image will look fine on most screens.

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One thing to note is that you must verify your YouTube account to upload custom thumbnails. Visit the verification address:

06. Subtitles and closed captions – SRT files

Captions and closed captions not only help viewers understand video content, but also highlight your video search rankings by highlighting keywords.

You can add captions or closed captions by uploading text or timed caption files; you can also provide full videos directly and let YouTube automatically play captions.

The specific method is as follows:

First go to the Video Manager and select the video to which you want to add captions or closed captions. Then click the drop-down arrow next to the Edit button and select Subtitle.

Finally, you can choose which type of subtitle to add.

07. Information card

You can use cards to enhance the interactivity of your videos. Cards can direct viewers to specific URLs or display custom images, titles, and slogans.

The info card is a rectangular style notification that appears in the top right corner of the desktop and mobile screen. Each video can contain up to 5 cards, if you want to put more than one card, the average layout, so that the viewer can easily click.

Add a card, also in the Video Manager.

Then, click on “Add Card” and select Create Video or Playlist, Channel, Vote or Link Card.

Once the card is created, drag it into the video and save it automatically if there are changes. please also check top youtuber in india.