Importance Of Defensive Driving Lessons In The UAE

Importance Of Defensive Driving Lessons In The UAE

 “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow”

Driving, by definition, is the controlled operation and movement of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. The drivers who are beware on the road and practice controlled driving are the best. Normally, drivers are a bit of a sell. Any car driver you come across lacks the patience of a good driver. They do appreciate the patience of one’s behind but disdain the ones ahead.

According to a report by the UN-WHO, in the United States of Emirates, road accidents are the second biggest cause of untimely deaths. The statistics show that the rate of road accidents is on a rapid rise in UAE and 63% of the children’s deaths are caused by road accidents. Even if the UAE’s road and traffic infrastructure are modern and a piece of art, it failed to prevent the untimely deaths mainly because of human errors 95% of the time.

Main causes of accidents in the UAE:

  • Lack of Lane discipline
  • Violating red light signals
  • Lane changing and swerving without warning
  • Misjudgment
  • Lesser distance between the vehicles on the road
  • Lack of attention on the road
  • Entering the unclear roads

These causes are the result of humans being unruly and inattentive on the roads. When there is enough awareness can people understand the significance of defensive driving, this idea should widely propagate and further sell my  car dubai driver on the road should be aware of the potential hazard his poor or rash driving skills can cause. Even if one has excellent driving skills, humans are bound to make mistakes. So it is better to adopt defensive driving than making mistakes on the road that can cost a life or lives.

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The idea of defensive driving embraces the awareness of yourself, your automobile, and your surroundings so that any upcoming trouble can be detected on time and can be avoided skillfully. You cannot expect other drivers to make a good decision at times of abrupt trouble. You have to depend on yourself, your senses and your skills on the roads. So it is better to get defensive driving lessons and be prepared for such sudden situations. Learning defensive driving techniques not only gives you confidence but keeps you and others safe and collision-free on the road. When you practice smooth and steady driving, it saves a lot of money on fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance too. So take defensive driving lessons before taking the charge behind the wheel. Here’s why it is important to get defensive driving lessons in the UAE.

Importance of Defensive Driving Lessons:

  • It makes you proactive rather than reactionary. Avoidance of dangerous situations is better than trying to react automatically in such situations.
  • It increases your awareness and heightens your senses on the road.
  • It helps refresh the basic driving lessons and techniques and teaches you new techniques for the reduction of driving risks.
  • It helps in reducing injury risks.
  • It helps you get various insurance discounts after you complete defensive driving lessons.
  • It is required to complete an approved driving training to obtain the senior driving license.
  • It makes you understand your vehicle better and how you can improve your vehicle’s efficiency through maintenance and steady driving.