Things To Watch Out For When Choosing A Router For Fast Streaming

A Router For Fast Streaming

If you are into uninterrupted streaming then the first thing you need to invest in for the best experience is a reliable router. 

This gear is responsible for the internet signal. It makes sure you get the network that is strong and fast enough. As a router will literally “route” traffic between the streaming service and YOU, there are a few important features you need to keep in mind when choosing this device for lag-free streaming. 

A Handy User Guide 

Unless you have a thing for going through maze-maps, you would not enjoy a router that is difficult to configure.  In my personal opinion compatible router work great, like if you have fios internet then you need best router for Verizon fios.  There are many “high-end” wireless routers that come with useless user guides or ones that are too difficult to follow. Skip! 

Pro-Tip! We suggest our readers go for the gear that has an integrated mobile app. This would make the installation process much easier. 

Simple Admin Controls 

Routers with difficult-to-manage admin controls are something we always regret investing in. Therefore, it is important to choose one with simple settings. 

If you have to rely too much on the internet for figuring out how to set basic controls, then it is better to look at another option. Remember, if the router goes down, the internet will too!

A Strong Network 

As a cord-cutter, you might be relying heavily on all-streaming videos. Therefore, you must keep in mind that a strong home network is valuable. 

The WiFi should be compatible with the 802.11n protocol and come with at least dual-bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). This will ensure that you not only get a faster speed by also enjoy more stability and range. 

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802.11n is good enough to allow for buffering-free streaming at 1080p. You might even get to watch 4K videos with minimal issues. If you want to step up the game, invest in 802.11ac WiFi that allows multiple 4K streams.

Wide Range. The More the Better!

It is typical for signals to drop the farther you move away from the router. Therefore you have to make sure that the internet signal covers enough area with both wired and wireless connections. 

Good coverage becomes more important in the case of a wireless network. The range will be affected by the materials and the design of your house. If your WiFi router does not have a good range, you can try fixing the problem with the help of an extender.  But before buying any router you should check the comparison just like Netgear r7000 vs r7000p routers here.

Automated Updates

Take notes: It is very important to keep the software of your router updates at all times. 

Not only does this help you stay on top of the game when it comes to new features, but also keeps you away from virus, bugs, and malware. You can update the device manually but it is ideal to have the settings fixed at “automated updates”. 

This would be helpful in case you forget to do it yourself. However, it is still recommended to check every week or two and confirm that the software has been updating itself. 

Attention! Many good routers in the market now allow for email or a text alert whenever an update is made available. 

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Final Words 

There are many features that you can pay attention to such as adjustable antennas or multi-core processors. However, such fancy additions normally come at a high price. 

All the necessities mentioned above are available in pretty economical routers too. You just need to know what you are looking for if you want to make the right choice. Good luck!