Internet Privacy 101: How to Keep Your Anonymity Online

anonymity online

In a world where the Internet is everywhere, keeping your information can be a chore.

Having your identity stolen or your credit card info hacked is a terrifying scenario for many. With the Internet at your fingertips, nearly anyone could potentially access information to make your life a nightmare.

How can you combat this and keep yourself and your information safe?

Here are some tips to keep your anonymity online and keep your information secure.

Keep Your Network Secure

Are you directly connected to your broadband modem? If so, your IP address can easily be located, which hackers are delighted to use to their advantage.

This is why you need to make sure that whenever you are using the internet or downloading content from the internet, you are using a VPN. To know about platforms that can help you download entertainment content, please visit.

Using a router can mitigate access to your IP address through the use of Network Address Translation, or NAT. This will hide your IP address from the general public and keep you safe.

To keep your physical computer safe, consider using one of these lockers to ensure security!

Be Cautious When Posting Anything Online

Everyone knows that when you post something online, it stays there forever. Whenever you’re considering posting something personal, take a few things into consideration:

  • Can someone use this information against me?
  • Does this post include information that relates to my passwords or other important personal information?
  • Can this post be linked to my banking or credit card information?
  • Is this something I wouldn’t want the general population NOT to know?
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If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s advised not to make the post.

While especially true with social media, these tips can and should be used regardless of where you are on the Internet. When in doubt, holding your tongue is likely the best option.

Download an Ad Blocker

While using an ad blocker is not a cure-all for anonymity online, it can certainly help. Advertising agencies have taken to the Internet, and have been known to track your online movement in order to tailor ads specifically for you. This means that wherever you go online, someone is likely watching what you do for the purpose of selling you something later.

By using something like Adblock for Google Chrome, you can at least block yourself from any of those ads that would otherwise be sent your way.

Keep Personal Info Off Your Browser to Keep Online Anonymity

To keep your accounts safe, it’s suggested to go into your browser’s settings and remove the ability to save passwords. While it may be annoying to try to remember all of your passwords and type them in every time you want to log on to a website, by leaving them saved in your computer, anyone could potentially access them.

Using a password manager instead will help you keep your passwords safe without the threat of forgetting them later!

Happy and Safe Web Surfing With Anonymity Online

Using these tips, you will be able to secure your anonymity online and protect yourself and your information from hackers and thieves. Remember to always be careful when online to avoid future harm!

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