Changes Coming to the Freight Industry and How Freight Agents Can Adapt

The freight and shipping industry is a very necessary one as it is responsible for shipping products from manufacturers to consumers all over the world. Due to the importance of this industry, there are a lot of great professional opportunities. One option that you will have is to become a freight agent. When you do become a professional freight agent, you will be able to start your own independent business and can be quite successful.

While you can be very successful as a freight agent today, this industry does continue to evolve. This can come with various challenges that you should be aware of. When you are successfully navigating the freight market, you will be able to identify these challenges and opportunities and be able to make changes to your business that can help you capitalize.

Regulation Changes

Similar to many other industries, the freight and transportation industry is bound to go through some regulatory changes. Regulations across various states and the country will likely include efforts to make freight services safer, more equitable, friendlier towards the environment, and more secure. This could require freight agents to upgrade their systems and comply with changes in order to secure the top contracts and retain their licensure.


Another change that is bound to come to the freight industry is further automation. The freight industry has continued to be changed by automation and technology. While all work used to be done by hand, a lot of it is now done online. This trend is bound to continue as AI, smart vehicles, and improve logistics systems will continue to enter the market. These technologies can help to make companies more efficient and accurate and will also address some staffing issues. Freight agents will benefit if they are able to stay current on these technological advances and incorporate them into their individual business models.

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Over the past few decades, the freight industry has become more connected globally. This trend is bound to continue as more businesses prefer to do work and sell to clients located in emerging markets located all over the globe. With globalization, there will be many changes to how freight agents will work. It will be important that they are able to establish more relationships with other clients located all over the globe.

How a Freight Agent Can Navigate the Changes

There are clearly going to be a lot of changes coming to the freight agent profession and the overall freight industry. Fortunately, there are many ways a freight agent can adapt to these changes. One of the ways this can be done is by staying current with the industry. A freight agent that wants to be successful should be connected and involved in the industry. By going to industry events and forming relationships, you will hear much more about what is taking place. You can then adapt to this knowledge accordingly.

Freight agents should also be prepared to invest in technology and be focused on navigating the freight market. Not only will this be necessary to stay current and compete with other agents in the field, but it could become a requirement in order to retain your licensure and stay in good standing.

Freight agents are very important professionals that help to connect manufacturers and distributors of various products with shipping and freight companies. While this has been a great career path, there are various changes coming in the marketplace that will impact this career path. By being aware of these changes and reacting the right way, a freight agent can properly navigate these challenges and continue to be successful in the field.

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