Drupal 10 For Ecommerce: 5 Things You Need to Know

drupal for ecommerce

Finding the ideal CMS (content management system) for your site can be the biggest challenge in the planning process when you’re creating your first e-commerce site or you’ve decided to upgrade the existing one. One of the most crucial aspects of your search is to take into account the ecommerce store you’ll be utilizing. 

Most platforms have a specific e-commerce store module. For instance, WordPress has WooCommerce, Drupal 10 has drupal for ecommerce, and Joomla has jCart. While WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most popular and is utilized by the top 22% of online stores, that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective ecommerce platform.

While WooCommerce is a fantastic product and is utilized by many businesses, the majority of medium- to enterprise-level organizations may require more potent and extensive assistance for their online business. Here are 5 reasons why Drupal Commerce will be a great choice for your business.

drupal for ecommerce

Built on an enterprise CMS

As previously said, Drupal Commerce’s capacity to handle both small and large-scale businesses is one of its greatest features. The developers of Drupal Commerce, Centarro (formerly known as the Commerce Guys), claim that Drupal Commerce is the only one based on an enterprise-level CMS, making it a highly scalable system for your online business.

It provides not only the support that enterprise-level online businesses require but also strengthens the connection between your content and ecommerce features. 

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Thus, you can make sure that almost anyone on your team can easily maintain your website and product listings current and prepared for your clients.

Meets every basic ecommerce need

After the installation of Drupal Commerce your website is immediately provided with the necessary built-in configurations and modules required to launch and maintain your ecommerce store.

Flexibility for customization

Every business has its unique features and demands. The adaptable design of Drupal Commerce is one of its main advantages. This system is able to support the selling of both physical products and online-only content because it is both modular and flexible.

Created using open source code

The majority of e-commerce platforms aren’t free. Most come with transactional or subscription-based costs, however since Drupal Commerce is open source, using this store on your website is cost-free.

In case you don’t know, “open source” means software that is freely available and customizable by users within an open source community, which any software creator is invited to join. Drupal 10 is an open source framework as well, which significantly lowers expenses and raises the quality of the software you get.

Proper security for your online store

Even though Drupal Commerce may sound fantastic at this point, none of it would matter if the tool couldn’t keep the information of both you and your customers secure. The good thing is that it was designed with security in mind.  

As long as you keep Drupal Commerce updated, your website will receive regular bug fixes and patches that protect it from potential threats. Additionally, Drupal 10 itself comes with safety tools that give an additional layer of security to your online business.