Best PlayStation Games To Play With Friends

PlayStation Games To Play With Friends

In gaming, it can feel like the best online casino with picking a good game to play with your friends. Some friends like first-person shooters, while others like third-person shooters. However, you could have the occasional friend that just wants to play a strategy game online.

No matter what kind of game genre you’re looking for, you can find it on PlayStation. We’ll go over some of the best games to play with friends online. These games are the best in their genre and should bring hours of fun with you and your friends.

Best PVE First-Person Shooter Game: Borderlands 2

While this game is old, it has everything you need in a video game. Up to four players can squad up in Borderlands 2 to versus enemies in the game. It also offers a deep storyline and re-playability with its downloadable content.

The game puts you and your friends as one of six vault hunters searching for a vault key on Pandora. Handsome Jack, the game’s villain, is there to stop you and your friends at every turn in the search for the vault key. However, a band of allies, called the Crimson Raiders, are here to help you along your journey.

Along with the storyline and PVE gameplay, the game has great one liner jokes and plot twists. Side quests are also available to help you and your friends level up throughout the game. Borderlands 2 is available as part of the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection game combo.

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Best PVP First-Person Shooter Game: Rainbow Six Siege

Another older game, but still a popular one, is Rainbow Six Siege. The game still gets updates from its makers, Ubisoft. The game has several game modes and currently features 63 operators to play with. 31 operators are attackers, while the remaining 32 are defenders. Each team has five players, allowing for you to squad up with more friends.

The game features Team Deathmatch, Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area to play against opponents online. The main game mode in Rainbow Six Siege is Bomb, as that mode is the only one you can play in Newcomer, Ranked, or Unranked game options. Secure Area and Hostage are found in Quick Match while Team Deathmatch is a standalone game mode.

Team Deathmatch games last five minutes, while all other game modes last three. Quick Match only goes to a max of five rounds, while Ranked and Unranked could go to nine matches.

Best PVP Third-Person Shooter: Fortnite

For people craving a third-person shooter, Fortnite is the game to play. This game offers players’ customizable characters they can unlock by using V-Bucks, an in-game currency, or completing levels of the game’s Battle Pass. Fortnite is currently on Season Three: Chapter Two, where the building mechanic was removed for a limited time.

The building mechanic of Fortnite is what made the game popular with gamers in its beginnings. However, the building mechanic was removed when the new chapter began but came back around two weeks later. Players now have the option to play the original game mode that allows building or the new “Zero Build” game mode. No matter the choice, Fortnite gives you and up to three additional friends different options on how to play the game.

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Best Multiplayer Strategy Game: Among Us

The popular mobile game has made its way onto PlayStation. Among Us allows for up to 15 players to join a lobby to play together. It also allows people from all consoles to play together in these lobbies.

The aim of the game is to finish tasks as a crewmate before the imposter kills the crewmates. The imposter’s job is to kill all the crewmates before they find out who’s the imposter. Every time a body is found, players can call a meeting to discuss who’s the imposter.

The game allows for imposters to shape-shift into another player, adding a level of drama to the game when you frame other players. Each game will have between one to three imposters, with all other players being crewmates. The latest update allows PlayStation users to add non-PlayStation players to an in-game friend list, making it easier to invite friends.