Best 5 Retro Games That Are Still Being Played Even Today

retro games

Many of us grew up playing video games, from arcade versions of Pac Man, Space Invaders on the Atari, Super Mario on NES — these are just some of the games played that make up our childhood memories. Whether you were hit hard by nostalgia or simply want to try out some retro video games, the easiest way to do so is to download in the form of ROMs and use a game emulator. These handy emulating systems permit players to run any of the older games on a device of their choosing. That’s right, playing retro video game formats are not only in fashion once more, they are accessible to anyone with a running emulator. By buying high ending gaming laptop you can play all latest games.With so many emulator software available to consumers, sometimes the difficulty is in finding which games to download first, these are the crowd favorites:

Mario Kart 64

Who can forget Mario Kart 64? This fun kart racing game allows players to select from one of the eight Mario characters who is going to race in varying themed race racks. During the course of the race, players may obtain random objects from special boxes scattered throughout the track. Each box contains items that can be used to impede opponents while gaining some bit of game leverage. Slow down the opposition by chucking bananas or shells. Use mushrooms to gain temporary speed and jumping ability. The best part is actually trying to decide whether you want to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Warrio, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and even Bowser!

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Also known as Pocket Monsters, the game was released by Nintendo in 1996. The game centers on a fairly simple premise, to collect fictional creatures which each player can train and use to catch other Pokémon creatures or to defeat other trainers. This seemingly basic game of collecting various “species” is a digital adventure that can easily become addictive. After all, the slogan does say “Gotta Catch ’Em All!” And catch them all was what players did, so much so that the game spawned a series of editions, each one with the addition of new monsters to collect. TV shows, movies, and numerous merchandise have also cropped up throughout the years for this unassuming game with billions of fans across the globe.

Mortal Kombat

“FINISH HIM!” a phrase that every gamer associates to Mortal Kombat. This fantasy fighting game was initially designed with Jean Claude Van Damme in mind but the idea didn’t pan out and we were left with characters that Van Damme can only wish he could be. Arguably rather violent, this game was detested by many parents and loved by their kids. Where else can you deliver a series of moves that could result to a FATALITY complete with some graphic death scene. Just like Pokémon, MK universe birthed numerous merch, a number of movies, and a comic book series. To date, this game has been rebooted on various systems but nothing beats the old SEGA vibe.

Prince of Persia

Old time gamers have long been saying how the Assassin’s Creed video game was fashioned after Prince of Persia. Looking at the action adventure game that focuses on an Iranian prince, the gameplay, plot and design does in fact show how it could have inspired the aforementioned game.  Set in ancient Persia, the player takes on the role of the prince who is on a quest to save his lady love imprisoned in a tower by the evil Jaffar. The clock is ticking, if you have what it takes, better escape the dungeon and save the princess.

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The best games are often the simplest ones. It is therefore no surprise how to this day, Tetris continues to be one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The object of the game is to clear lines using tile pieces. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Not only do the puzzle pieces come in different shapes, they appear at random sequence. As the player manipulates each piece in order to form a solid line it clears each section. Once you reach a certain number of cleared blocks, the next level is queued and the pieces fall faster with the game ending when the stack reaches the topmost portion of the playing field. It is good practice for problem solving skills paired with hand eye coordination functions.

Thanks to the invention of game emulators, replaying these video games can now be done with a few clicks. Don’t forget to download in form of ROMs so you get the best gaming experience. Enjoy retro gaming with less restriction and some added benefits of gaming in the 21st century.