Hey Siri, Call 911: 10 Ways Your Phone Can Be a Life-Saver in Emergency Situations

Hey Siri, Call 911: 10 Ways Your Phone Can Be a Life-Saver in Emergency Situations

Every year, 240 million Americans use a phone to call 9-1-1. Your phone is a life-saver in an emergency.

Improvements in technology make it even easier to contact emergency services when necessary. Your phone may even have features and services you’re not aware of.

You can’t anticipate an emergency, but you can prepare for one. Check out this guide for tips on how to use your phone in an emergency.

1. Natural Disaster Apps

Natural disasters are huge forces of nature that can raze entire cities to the ground. It’s hard to not feel helpless in these events.

Thankfully, there are apps that can help you cope. For example, Android has an app called Hurricane Hound that allows you to track hurricanes.

2. Enable Voice Assistants

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t quite reach your phone — especially in case of injury — a voice assistant can save your life.

Programs, like Siri or Alexa, can hear your cries for help and call the appropriate emergency services for you. If you’re involved in an accident, this software can call a car accident doctor for you.

3. Download an SOS App

This app is also known as a personal safety app. This kind of app can send SOS in Morse code using your phone’s flashlight feature.

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These apps can also send immediate alerts to emergency contacts.

4. Enter Emergency Contacts

Long before an emergency occurs, you should have emergency contacts saved into your phone. There is usually a setting inside most phones specifically for this. That way, if someone finds your phone, they know who to call.

5. Use GPS

Many people worry about their data privacy, especially in regard to location. GPS, however, can be a life-saver.

A GPS app is best to use before you plan a trip or hike.

6. Carry a Portable Battery

Your phone’s battery capacity is its biggest drawback. A dead phone can’t help anyone.

Make sure to purchase a decent portable battery and keep it with you as much as possible.

7. Set Up a Medical ID

Most phones nowadays have some kind of medical ID capability. Android phones require an app for this, but iPhones have it built it.

The medical ID should be accessible even when the phone is locked.

8. Send a Text

In an emergency situation where you need to remain quiet, consider sending a text to 9-1-1. Some places in America can receive these texts.

Make sure to check if your location receives 9-1-1 texts before you rely on this option.

9. Share Your Location

Sharing your location may seem daunting, but it has the potential to save your life. There are apps that can track you and you can share your location with specific contacts.

This is a good idea when traveling, hiking, or even going on a first date.

10. Keep It on Silent

Sometimes silence isn’t just golden, but life-saving — specifically in active shooter situations. If you try to keep your phone on silent, you will always be able to use it without alerting anyone else.

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More Phone Life Saver Emergency Tips

A phone life-saver emergency can apply to a variety of situations. It could be a natural disaster, getting lost, or even a violent situation. The number one tip is to keep a calm head so you can use your phone effectively.

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