Alkaline diet for weight loss

Alkaline diet for weight loss

Shedding pounds has been a struggle of many, and finding the right diet that is easy to start and maintain is another issue. One popular regime that even Hollywood celebs talk about is the Alkaline Diet. This blog will tell you about Alkaline diet for weight loss.

This diet is about refraining from eating acid-producing foods like meat, sugar, and processed foods, and focusing more on alkaline-forming products, such as green veggies, fruits, and herbs and oils from Alkaline Naturals alkaline herbs store.

Can the alkaline diet be the one that you’ve been looking for to help burn those fats and get back to shape? Let’s see some tips from the alkaline diet enthusiasts for weight loss.

Water is life

The quickest way to boost your weight loss results is to drink, drink, and drink some more water. You will never go wrong with drinking water as it not only promotes good health but also maintains and facilitates the different functions and chemistry in your body. 

To ensure that you are adequately hydrated, drink at least 7 ounces of water for every 10 pounds of your body weight. 

For better and more effective hydration, try making your water alkaline by adding lemon and cucumber or some herbs and oils from Alkaline Naturals alkaline herbs store. There are also alkalizing agents or filtration system available in stores that you can check out.

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Avoid acid-forming products such as sodas, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners

You already know that the above products are not good for your health. Let us just then reiterate why. 

Soft drinks, ice cream, cereals, canned goods, etc. are all acid-forming foods that have chemical substances and can damage your body. Do you know where these harmful acids are parked after digestion? FAT CELLS! The more often you eat them, the farther you will be to your weight loss goals.

These junk foods do crash not only your dream of losing weight but also your healthy and robust life. In the long run, eating poor quality foods can lead to depression, obesity, digestive problems, cancer, heart disease, and even early death.

Salad is your new best friend

There is a large variety of vegetables and fruits that you can combine and mix for a salad to accompany at least your lunch and dinner. 

So why not start making big servings that can last you for three days. With a salad packed in your bag or readily available in your fridge, you will never come home or get to your lunchroom, wondering what healthy food to eat.

To make your salad more alkaline, drizzle some oil dressings from Naturals alkaline herbs store or scatter on top of it healthy and organic herbs also from Naturals alkaline herbs store.

You can alkalize your body through breathing

Alkaline diet advocates share that proper breathing is actually one of the effective ways to alkalize your body and get rid of fat.

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Your body needs oxygen for it to function properly and dispose of harmful acids. Through right breathing, you are giving your body the oxygen it requires to perform at its best.

Alkalizing your breathing can be done by taking deep breaths, holding it for a moment, and exhaling slowly. Watch your weight melt off of you by doing ten deep breaths, at least 3x a day. 

They say that consistency is the key to get the best results. The same applies to the alkaline diet principles. In order to fully experience and enjoy its weight loss and health benefits, you must know and follow these guidelines by heart.