7 Future Car Technology Coming Your Way

Future Car Technology Coming Your Way

The automobile industry is a roller coaster that has been changing rapidly. This has resulted from the use of artificial intelligence and machines. With the birth of such ideas, people have come up with infinite possibilities of having an exciting future of automobiles. The practical usage of technology started with the invention of the internal combustion engine. Later, the same was followed by the manufacture of; attractive car bodies, and safety features, and many others.

In the 21st century, people have had a chance to have optimized experience as manufacturers have incorporated computers in their cars. Nowadays, people are more concerned with ensuring their cars provide them with safety and efficiency. Moreover, self-sufficient vehicles are also in demand. This can only be achieved by the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the incorporation of other technologies. The following are the future 7 future car technology coming your way.

1. Self-repair tires

95% of car owners can attest that they have experienced tire punctures. The problem comes in when you are in the middle of nowhere, and one has to get stranded for a couple of hours. Fortunately, with the improved technology, you should expect puncture-resistant tires. This will ensure that you are saved from a lot of inconveniences that result from punctures. 

This technology is expected to offer two types of offers; run flat, and self-repair. With a run-flat tire, your vehicle will run for more miles and at a moderate speed despite getting the puncture. On the other hand, the self-repair tires are expected to repair themselves once the temperatures and other weather conditions are right.  

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2. Self-driving cars

Many companies have already established the use of self-driven cars. Currently, tests are being conducted to ensure that they become entirely self-autonomous. In self-driven cars, no driver is required. They are fitted with features such as automatic brake sensors, parking abilities, and navigation. This means that in a decade, self-driving cars will be in the market. However, only a particular class of people is expected to afford these models of vehicles. 

With self-driving cars, a driver’s task will be sitting in the car as he/she enjoys a ride while performing other tasks such as gaming or perusing through documents. 

3. Alternative fuels

Most of the vehicles use fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. Unfortunately, these fuels have contributed to environmental pollution. Some of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) seek to provide clean energy that is friendly to the environment. 

Technology has been used to replace the use of fossil fuels. The research has been successful as companies have discovered biodiesel from soya beans. Besides being a clean source, it is also a cheaper alternative. The other example is the use of hybrid cars as they use the traditional combustion system as well as the electric motor to produce the energy. 

4. Collision avoidance mechanism

Car safety is one of the measures that has been in practice for a very long time. Car manufacturing companies have introduced some safety mechanisms such as safety belts and airbags. With the new technology, car accidents will be done away with as they focus on using laser beams and radar. The introduction of sensors will, therefore, mean that a car can detect an oncoming vehicle and can, as such, use the self-braking mechanism. More collisions are likely to occur.

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5. Car seat technology

Currently, we have seats that adjust according to our likes and preferences. In addition to that, they also come with some cooling and heating mechanisms to ensure that we remain comfortable during the whole drive. However, with the self-driven vehicles, we expect to see more of the revolutionized seats, whereby they can be adjusted to become beds. Through this, someone can sleep since the car does not need a driver to function. 

6. Use of biometrics to access your car

We are already in an era whereby people with high-end vehicles do not need keys to access their cars. However, there is a promising technology whereby one will be required to use their fingerprints to have access. As long as you have your hand, you can drive your car. This reduces the stealing of cars in society. 

7. The use of Augmented reality (AR) dashboards

This is no longer a new concept as it is being used in some high-end machinery such as BMWs. Fortunately, this technology will be advanced to other vehicles to accommodate all classes of people. With the AR technologies, one can display some external features that might not have been visible to a driver under normal windscreens. It will, therefore, improve the safety and comfort of all the passengers on board. 

The future of the automotive industry is bright; new inventions will make traveling more efficient and fun. Although the implementation of such technology will be expensive, it will eventually lead to a better future of cars. However, people should take care to ensure that they are the legal owners of the vehicles. One can research their vehicle in many agencies and sites such as Vincheck.info is like Carfax but free; thus ensuring you get an original report at no cost.

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