6 Things that Can Ruin Your Economics Research Paper

Writing any research paper is time-consuming regardless of the minimum word or page count. 

It takes hours of research and many credible sources to create a quality paper that has just enough personal insight from the writer. Research papers are a true test of critical thinking skills and therefore even simple mistakes can ruin the impact drastically. 

Here are a few mistakes to keep in mind when writing an economics research paper.

  1. Starting Without A Clear Gameplan

Like any other task, starting a research paper requires dedication and often comes with deadlines. 

While the submission deadline may be far away, your first priority should be to create your own plan so that you can monitor your progress without dumping everything on the day before the due date. 

You know your learning and writing style the best, so take time to understand what works for you and create your plan accordingly. If you work best at night, there is no point in setting a 7am alarm only to wake up and write something you will delete later.

  1. Not Leaving Room For Brainstorming

A common rookie mistake is not realizing that the actual writing is not the hard part about the research paper but rather the understanding of the argument that you are trying to make. 

Our recommendation is that you look over the topic at least a week before you start your paper and let the topic ruminate in your mind leading up to writing day. 

You will find yourself ready to jot down a couple of ideas already giving you a headstart on the rest of the paper. This also allows your brain to naturally transition into a task that requires immense focus.

  1. Not Dissecting Source Arguments 
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Many people fall into the trap of thinking that if something is published by a credible source then it is the truth.

 The beauty of a research paper is that it allows you to make an argument explaining why you might not agree with an industry-accepted way of doing something or thinking about something.

If you do agree, you get the chance of referencing the works of someone you admire and how their research has enabled you to be able to take their view further. Instead of accepting external sources as truth and moving on, spend some time in your paper telling the reader why you chose these arguments.

  1. Explaining Economic Problems In Isolation

Isolating an economic principle is good for explaining the concept but you need to discuss how it fits in the real world. The economy after all is a major factor in human lives and the inability to show how microeconomic and macroeconomic forces affect our daily lives can portray a weak understanding of the subject material. 

You need to clearly demonstrate what role your economics research plays in the way people and companies respond to events. During your research, you will easily find sources that link economic data to social situations and it might be your job to examine the link in question.

  1. Not Running Grammar Checks

Technology has made writing easy to some extent, especially with free online grammar checkers available at the click of a button. 

However, technology will only take you so far as to highlight the problem and offer a solution. It’s up to you to figure out whether the solution is correct and applicable to what you are trying to say. 

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It is in times like these that you need humans to verify or help you out. The perfect remedy to this is using a paid assignment service that employs experienced writers to write and proofread your research paper for you.

  1. Not Following Citation Rules

With citation rules changing from time to time and varying across different disciplines, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. 

However, not following new rules or accidentally paraphrasing without giving credit are major red flags for research papers. Not only will your paper be tagged as plagiarized but can also result in severe consequences depending on your learning institution. 

A simple rule of thumb that students are often taught to understand when references are needed is to analyze whether what they are saying is common knowledge. We highly recommend using a plagiarism checker online to get you started.


Writing an economics research paper can seem like a daunting task but it can benefit greatly from following the above tips. With just a little bit of focus and dedication, you can produce a great research paper. 

Good luck!