Memory Games for Kids to Sharpen Cognitive Skill

Memory games for kids to sharpen cognitive skill

These days’ children are more engrossed in mobiles. Watching videos for prolonged hours seriously turns out too damaging for their mental health. Sad to see that youngsters of today are ignorant of outdoor playing even they don’t bother to indulge in any kind of indoor games as well. But science has always proved that memory games for kids are the key turner to enhance their focus level. Therefore, let’s get some idea on what is a memory game, benefits of indulging kids in playing memory games, and the most significant types of memory games for kids.

How goes playing memory games work?

Feeding your mind, the right food is very important if you anticipate getting the ultimate output. Now as discussed that to great extent kids of this generation needs their mind to be focussed on a single place. You all know that focus is like a monkey and it has the habit of jumping from here to there. But the real goal is to bring the focus back to a central point and keep that intact for a long. Therefore, memory games such as Memory Master Card Game you can get from Toynk are devised to help kids improve their way to focus on any work or activities easily.  Indeed a polished memory can let you succeed in every possible field.

Attributes of the memory games

Improving your memory is an integral part of the memory game.  But you can effortlessly achieve that by indulging in different types of memory games. Now it can be anything right from remembering the place or names of any person. Hence, let’s dig some important facts to understand the different benefits of memory games.

Enhance the complex thinking power of the kid

As you know that memory games for kids always proved effective. It is because it sharpens the thinking power of the child. In addition to that, they will adopt the ability to process all the information, make their own decisions, and learn to recreate fresh ideas. Furthermore, kids will learn to query regarding any doubt, they will try to draw sense from everything and arrange their information systematically. In fact, there are kids with low visual memory for them the memory games are miraculous as the games make them more interactive.

Enhances short term performance of the brain

If you want your kids to be an accomplished memory game player, then you need to ensure that the short- term brain is well activated. An enhanced short- term memory also improvises the long- term memory as well. It is because both the short term and long- term memories are intertwined.

Good exercise for the kid’s brain

In order to improve the cognitive thinking power of the child, it is important to let them get engages in memory games. Also, note that cognitive thinking also matures the thinking process ability in your child. Like, they can progress very smoothly, which means they can comprehend more information, think deeply, and make use of the complex part of the brain easily.

In addition to that, memory games for kids boost their attention level, focus, and confidence. Thus activates their stimuli to act promptly. Overall, memory games shape the perception of your child in a precise manner.

Polishes the skill to solve any problem

Memory games for kids are designed to enhance the analytical thinking ability of the child. In addition to that also let them communicate and socialize without any inhibition in mind. Overall, it also helps them improve visual and numeric skills as well.

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Improves the visual point of view

A child needs to have visual accuracy to identify, comprehend, evaluate, and interpret any matter. Well playing memory games definitely let them recognize the patterns, size, colors, forms, letters, symbols, shapes, and patterns with ease. Now memory-related games let them visualize the result of any situation.

Sharpens vocabulary skill

Many times, it happens that children are not much apt with vocabs. Majorly they encounter a problem where English is the first language. In that case, memory games for kids can help a lot to a great extent. That means it helps them to understand the vocabs and get adept in the language every smoothly.

In fact, as their concentration level increases, they love to spend time in reading and writing in a consistent manner. Parents should note that there are certain types of memory games that can help the child with the right association of words. A regular notebook study makes them monotonous, but indulging them to study through memory games can add lots of ecstasy to the task.

Increases mathematical potency

Sometimes parents have seen that their dearest child does not show much interest in solving numerical problems. Now have you ever tried to find out the reason behind this? Try to engage your kid in different types of architectural and engineering artworks. In fact, you can try to find memory games that are composed of like mapping the pieces in mind and connecting the dots to get the result.

Learn to think ahead of time

There are kids who do not have the skill to take instant decisions. But do you know that making those kids play memory games can solve the problem to a larger extent? Actually, games like cards let them learn to plot ideas in mind, which will help them think ahead of the time. Additionally, they also master the art of devising strategies that will surely make them succeed in their next move.

Highlighting on the best memory games for kids

Now here in this section let’s get some deeper ideas on the different types of memory games. Let’s divide the games as per concentration, mind training, and so on.

Game of concentration

When you talk about concentration, you need to link directly that with memory. Talking about the concentration games let’s see what the varieties you can explore in this genre are.

Deck of cards

The 52-card game is one of the age-old games that has been the first in the list of the memory games. Now ask your kid to arrange the cards in a row of 8 and 9. That means the 9 rows should have the 12 cards and 13 cards should be there on the 8 rows. Now the kid has to match the same-paired cards having an equal suit and rank. That means if there are 5 clubs then have to match that with the other 5 clubs.

Checkboard double-decker

For kids who have already played the two-pack card games would really find this easier to solve actually. You have to shuffle the cards and segregate them. Arrange the cards as if they took the pattern of the checkerboard.  Then just alternate the cards from the two card slots. Now the game would be taxing when the rear part of the cards appears differently.

Testing games for memory

This is another kind of memory game for kids. So, move forward to explore some of the interesting memory games from this section.

Find the items that are missing

Finding the lost item is really a fun-filled game that always attracts the kids. In order to play this game, you can decorate a table with usual things, like small toys, a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener. Now you have to hide these under a cloth. For a minute just remove the cloth and ask your kid to see what are the things present there. Again, cover it and remove it in 1 sec. Then you ask what are things that are not seen any more among the rest of the items.

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Master-quizz memory game

Well, this is again a sort of popular memory game. To play this game, you need to show your kid an image from the magazine or any other book. Now let them get the view of the picture for a period of sixty seconds. Then just close the book. Now, what you do that tells your kid that the quiz time starts and asks them any random thing like what they remember from the list. See if the child happens to answer more with detail then you can understand that she has the power to memorize and remember that for long.

The magical game of cup

The game that has attracted the kids for years is the cup game. It is a sort of magical game that sparks lots of excitement among the kids. To play this game you will need 5 cups and a coin. Just keep the coin in one of the 5 cups. Then rearrange the cups and ask the kid where the coin is. Definitely, this is one of the best forms of memory games. And kids with the right concentration level will be able to win the game by locating the coin under the right cup.

Training memory game

Almost every one of you has played this game at the school level. Let’s see what does the game is about. You have played the game like saying a particular word and then the next person adds one more word with the already said word. For example, you said the cow, then the other friend will say cow, dog like this it will go on. Well, the person would be able to say all the words from the first for the longest period are the ultimate winner of the game. Note that you can play this game easily at home with your kids.

Sound memory game

The most notable type of memory game is the sound memory game that will help your child project the ultimate focus level and that is by listening to a particular kind of sound. The game starts by making a certain type of sound with your hand as you can clap or twist your fingers. The next player who will recreate a new sound along with the previous one will repeat this sound. Like this, the game will continue in a chain and each player will add a new type of sound every time. In the meantime, the one who forgets any of the sounds will be declared the loser.

Recognizing the difference game

If you really want your child to enhance the visual power then you should encourage him to play this game. You can play this type of difference- game anywhere no need to stick to a particular place for playing. To play the game you should ask your kid to shut down the eyes. In the meantime, you draw two pictures, suppose a scenery, and add similar all the elements in both the scenery but tweak some portions. Now you ask your kid to spot the distinguishable features on both sceneries. If the kid successfully finds out the difference then you can understand that he is actually developing his analytical skill.

Word by word storytelling

See kids with problems of concentrating on a certain thing for a longer period can easily try this version of the memory games. It is easy, simple and not time consuming at all. To play this game you need to call the friends of your kid at home. Make them sit in a circular pattern and let them construct a story with their imagination. Now this will polish the imagination skill as well.

Game of coin

This particular game helps your kid to understand the art of sequencing and arranging the items in the pattern. For example, you take some coins, suppose, 1 rupee, 5 rupees, and, 2 rupees. Now select 6 of the coins from these above-said coins list and arrange them in order. Now you line up the coins and let the player go through the pattern at once and then you simply cover the coins. Now you ask the kid to pick the same number of the coins and rearrange the fresh coins in the same sequence that he or she had seen before. Set the timer and check within how many seconds they are able to complete that. Obviously, the kid with right-brain mapping can finish the game in the shortest period only.

Final thoughts

The above article is crafted to give you a clear and vivid nuance of the different types of memory games for kids. Let them play each one of these so that you can enhance their cognition and awareness level.