5 Rules for Effective Employee Recruiting


On average, you’ll lose about 15% of your workforce each year. Employees leave their positions for varying reasons, and it leaves you in a tough spot. How can you fill those vacancies in the most efficient way possible?

Employee recruiting is more important than you’d think. If you’re efficient, then you can lower your employee turnover rate. On top of that, you’ll find valuable applicants that can help your business grow.

Read on to learn five recruiting rules to follow when you look for your next hire.

1. Focus on Your Job Descriptions

Do you get dozens of unrelated or unqualified candidates applying to your listings? If so, then there’s a good chance your job description needs some work.

The best way to find a good candidate is to invest in your job postings. If you don’t, then qualified candidates will pass on by. You’ll also spend too much time going through sub-par candidates. Here are some tips to follow while you craft a posting:

  • Use specific SEO-optimized job titles
  • Be casual but professional
  • Don’t forget to include the job’s responsibilities and necessary qualifications
  • Provide the job’s salary

Once your listing gets finalized, start sharing it on social media sites and job boards.

2. Trust But Verify

Verifying an applicant’s credentials is easy to forgo, but it’s very costly to hire a fraud. Trust your candidate’s applications, but always verify them, too. That means you’ll need to invest the time in contacting references.

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3. Search for a Qualified Candidate Yourself

Most employers put out listings and then hope qualified candidates come to them. You can make the choice to be proactive with your search, though. In today’s job market, the internet rules supreme.

Countless professionals upload their resumes. But, they don’t waste time applying to countless jobs. Instead, they wait for employers to come to them!

Start searching for candidates yourself through Indeed, LinkedIn, and other avenues. You may surprise yourself with the types of candidates you can find.

4. Store Previous Applications

Have you ever debated between two equal candidates for a single job? This employer struggle is very common. If you find yourself in this position, then save the previous candidate’s application.

If the job comes up again, then you’ll know exactly where to look!

5. Create an Employee Referral Program

Your employees already provide you with a lot. Could they also give you access to other potential hires, though? The answer is a surprising yes. That’s why you should create an employee referral program.

Request a consultation with the pros for more information about recruiting.

Employee Recruiting For Pros

Recruiting your next top-performer is easier than you’d think in 2020. Use the resources available to you to expand your reach and find the most qualified person out there. If you follow the five rules above, then you’ll be in a good position.

Are you looking for more pro-tips to help your business be a success this year? We’ve got your back! Keep browsing through our business section to see more of our latest content.

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