Waterfalls are breathtaking natural wonders and are ideal for weekend excursions. The next hiking tour or excursion is coming up, but the destination is still unclear? A change of perspective goes particularly well where water has been tumbling down tirelessly again and again for thousands of years or longer. There are around 500 waterfalls throughout Germany.

Perhaps the journey is the destination: hiking trails usually lead through beautiful natural areas to the rushing masses of water. 


  1. Röthbach Waterfall, Bavaria

Near Lake Königsee, the Röthbach Falls drops a full 470 meters over two levels – making this waterfall the highest in Germany. If you want to pay a visit to the waterfall in the Bavarian district of Berchtesgadener Land, you will find it on the way via Fischunkelalm at Obersee, the little brother of Lake Königsee.

A rampart about a kilometer wide separates the two bodies of water, which were originally connected.

A small, rustic boat takes you across the Königssee to land at the Saletalm. From there, a path leads around the Obersee along the shore, surrounded by steep rock faces, to the Fischunkelalm.

The approximately three-kilometer hike then passes through a small section of forest to the roaring Röthbach waterfall. By the way: 700 meters north of the Röthbach waterfall is the Landtalfall – Germany’s second highest waterfall.


  1. Todtnau Waterfalls, Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg, between the towns of Todtnauberg and Aftersteg, excursionists will find the Todtnau Waterfalls. Over two steps, the masses of water plunge a total of 97 meters into the depths over a granite massif. Since 1987 they are under monument protection, writes the tourism Hochschwarzwald.

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The headwaters of the Stübenbach are at the 1386-meter-high Stübenwasen mountain. It then meanders through the high valley, more and more mountain streams flow into it.

To experience this natural spectacle in the Black Forest, you can take several short hikes from different parking lots.

You can also take a short day hike of about six kilometers to get to know the area around the Todtnau waterfalls better.


  1. waterfall Dreimühlen, Rhineland-Palatinate

Small but nice is the waterfall Dreimühlen in the beautiful Hillesheim in the Eifel. It can only boast a drop of up to six meters, but it is still growing – a full eight to ten centimeters per year. This is due to so-called lime sinter, which forms in deposits of the moss cushions of the waterfall.

The natural beauty was also designated as a natural monument as early as 1938. If you want to see it for yourself and explore the beautiful landscape, the best way is by bike or on foot.

The Eifel Crime Trail, the Kalkeifel Cycle Path or the Mineral Springs Route are well suited. Incidentally, the Eifel Crime Trail connects eleven exciting crime scenes with each other.

However, there are also parking lots near the waterfall, including the Üxheim-Ahütte parking lot and the parking lot at the lime kiln.