10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Heating Maintenance In Forney, TX!

Heating Maintenance In Forney

Are you looking forward to winter? Or dreading it? Regardless of your opinion, the one thing that is in common with all the Forney, TX residents is that you have a home – and a furnace. Some people maintain their furnaces better than others – but there’s always room for improvement! Here are 10 facts everyone should know about heating maintenance in Forney, TX:

  1. Heating maintenance is important for your safety.

One of the most important reasons to have a regular heating maintenance schedule is for safety. A poorly maintained furnace can cause gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fires. 

  1. Annual Heating maintenance should be performed by a professional.

A heating contractor is trained to maintain your furnace, not to repair it in the event of an emergency. If there are any problems with your furnace during its annual inspection, they will notify you or your landlord immediately so that any necessary repair work can be completed before the upcoming winter season begins.

  1. Seasonal tune-ups ensure the safe operation of your home’s heating system year-round.

Heating contractors are highly skilled at performing the best heating services in Forney, TX as well as testing all aspects of HVAC systems including ignition, burners, thermostats, flues gas valves, and other controls. During their visit, they also check to make sure that the blower motor is operating properly and the filters are clean.

  1. Furnaces should be inspected and cleaned every year to prevent the hazardous build-up of combustible materials.

Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate in your furnace, which can lead to dangerous fires. A professional heating contractor will clean all the parts of your furnace including the blower assembly, heat exchanger, and burner tubes.

  1. Heating Maintenance prolongs the life of your furnace.
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A well-maintained furnace will last longer than one that is not taken care of properly. Many furnaces have a 10-year warranty when they are maintained on an annual basis. 

  1. Furnace maintenance is affordable and usually comes with a free safety inspection.

Most heating contractors offer a fall special which includes a full safety inspection of your home’s heating system, as well as a tune-up and cleaning of the furnace for a fraction of the cost of a new furnace.

  1. Heating Maintenance can help you save money on your energy bills.

A well-maintained furnace is more efficient than one that is not taken care of properly. You could see a decrease in your energy bills of up to 30% by having your furnace tuned up annually. 

  1. You can’t afford to not have maintenance done on your furnace.

The consequences of not having maintenance done on your furnace can be costly – both physically and financially. Not only could you damage your furnace, but it could also increase your energy bills and require costly repairs to be made

  1. Annual maintenance ensures that your home is safe during the heating season.

During a professional furnace inspection, potential hazards are identified before they can become a serious issue. The consequences of not having an annual tune-up on your home’s furnace range from carbon monoxide poisoning to dangerous fires. 

  1. Maintaining your HVAC system will provide you with peace of mind.

Keeping up with your furnace doesn’t just extend its life – it can help prolong yours as well! By knowing that all aspects of your heating system are working properly, you can avoid having unexpected breakdowns or detriments to health caused by hazardous carbon monoxide levels. Have peace of mind this winter and schedule your annual furnace inspection today.

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Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your home’s heating system functions safely and efficiently all winter long. By following these 10 simple facts of Heating Maintenance In Forney, you can be sure that your family stays warm and safe all season long. For more information or to schedule a heating maintenance appointment, please contact your local heating contractor today. It is recommended to get annual heating maintenance of your HVAC system by a professional. Even if the furnace is new, it should still be inspected and cleaned once per year.

Cyclone Heating & Air offers a wide range of services for Heating Maintenance In Forney to keep your home’s heating system running safely and flawlessly throughout the winter. We also specialize in furnace installation, sales, and repair. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers.  Contact us today at 469-358-9617 to schedule an appointment!