Components of Smart Lighting System

Components of Smart Lighting System

Traditionally, bulbs are connected to wall switches which work by turning them on and off. Wall switches are not very flexible. They cannot control the level of lighting when needed and can only turn lights on and off.

Smart lighting systems is a technologically advanced method of lighting a home. The system uses a smart LED bulb that contains software that connects smart home assistance to an app or other smart accessories so that you can automatically put on your lights or control them from a remote position. This technology, therefore, eliminates your reliance on wall switches. 

Let us now look at the components of an excellent smart lighting system; 

Components of a Good Smart Lighting System

Lighting Controls

The smart lighting system involves more than turning the light bulbs on and off. Hence a good lighting system should have LED bulbs rather than other bulbs such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. 

An excellent smart lighting system needs LED light bulbs that have a higher lifespan and help you save energy. LED bulbs can be dimmed using a touchscreen panel, an app on your tablet, phone, or computer, or by setting a timer. Another essential piece of lighting equipment is the CFL bulbs which enable you to decrease electric bills.

Occupancy Sensors

Whereas LED light bulbs conserve energy by using a limited amount of electric power, occupancy sensors of the smart lighting system save electric energy by sensing the occupancy or vacancy of a room.

These devices are placed in the corners of the room. When they sense the presence of someone that has just got into a room, the switch automatically turns on. When a person leaves the room, the light bulb automatically switches off. 

This feature also saves you the agony of thinking about the lights you left on before leaving for work—the best place to set up occupancy sensors in bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.  

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Movement Sensors for Outdoor Lighting

A good smart lighting system also has motion sensors for outdoor lighting. The feature makes movement outside your home or along corridors quite convenient. 

When you move into a dark area of your compound or when your vehicles come into your compound, the lights in the room switch on automatically. They only turn off a little while after you leave. These sensors cut on energy use and electric bill costs. 

Automation and Integrated Control

The smart lighting system is very comprehensive. It allows you to access and control all the lights in your house using your smartphone at home. You can also change the light settings to fit your preferences using an app on your tablet or phone.

Smart lighting systems also allow you to change the lighting setting in your home to fit the mood of the occasion. For instance, if you want to have a romantic dinner time of two, you can customize the kitchen lighting to create a romantic mood. You can do this through a voice command or a single button on your smartphone. 

Flexible Switches

You can also choose to have a smart lighting system with features that allow you to change the level of lighting at your switch. When you use this feature, the lights do not entirely go on. The combination of LED bulbs and these flexible switches saves energy use and costs.

Networked Lighting Control Systems 

A smart system should also have a building automation system (BAS). BAS is the most advanced system of controlling smart lighting systems. This controlled system enables smart light owners to handle all the light settings of your house through a smartphone that has smart lighting software. You can also monitor your energy usage from the system’s app data chart stores. 

How to Choose the Right Smart Lighting System 

The most crucial step before setting up a smart lighting system is choosing the plan that best fits you. Firstly, you need to select the method of lighting you need for your smart home. When selecting its best to seek help from the lighting company, you will be buying from. This way, you get a system that is most efficient for your home. 

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Also, get a system whose features allow you to calculate your energy usage to identify areas you need to cut back on energy use. 

Benefits of Smart Lighting Systems

Ability to dim your lights– Smart lighting systems provide you with complete control over the lighting in your home. Unlike traditional lighting, the smart lighting system has a wireless connection. They relate to an application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer which enables you to dim your lights quickly.

Energy efficiency- Getting a smart lighting system will prevent you from spending excessive electric power. You can monitor the number of lights on and off around your home from a remote place. This feature not only saves you energy but also reduces the amount of money you budget for your electric bills. 

Connectivity– The smart lighting systems also give you the convenience of connecting other electric devices and appliances like the refrigerator, audio system, and thermostat to your smart lighting system to create a smart home.

Automation- You can also set timers in your smart lights to enable the light to turn on and off without being controlled. 

Increased Home Security-One of the essential features of a smart lighting system is the movement detector sensors on the outdoor lighting system. Having the system programmed to any portable device will help you to receive movement alerts in real-time. 

Bottom Line

The age of lighting has been revolutionized with the help of technology. A smart lighting system is an additional complement to your modern house. It will light your home and increase security, make it convenient to control the amount of light in a room, and reduce the cost of electricity. 

Despite these technological advancements, it is not hard to choose a smart lighting system. However, familiarizing yourself with the components of a good smart lighting system will help you select a suitable plan for your house