Why Zoho One is the best CRM for Small Business

A lot of small businesses are in need of a CRM solution. In the digital age, managing customer interactions and maintaining a seamless workflow is crucial for business success. As any small business embark on their search, it is important that they select the best CRM systems for small business. Zoho One is among the best CRM for small business. Let’s dive in to find out why!  

Why Zoho CRM is the best CRM for small business

Zoho CRM is a great choice for small businesses looking to enhance their customer relationship management. Zoho One is very easy to set up and use even by complete beginners; it is also very fast and a great CRM package. One of the amazing parts of Zoho is that it has a free trial option that allows you to check out all it has to offer you as a small business so you can easily determine if it is the right CRM for you. Not only is Zoho One the best low-cost CRM system for small business, it’s also one of the top-notch systems that provide continuous quality customer support to help along your journey as a small business. 

Zoho CRM’s key features

Zoho One provides you with the best CRM marketing automation combo tools for very small business. They include: 

Sales Force Automation

Sales teams frequently have to deal with time-consuming chores, including setting up sales appointments, sending follow-up emails, keeping track of contacts, and many more. Fortunately, Zoho CRM automates the sales process to make it a little easier while allowing you to concentrate more on generating and nurturing leads, closing transactions, and strengthening your connections with customers.

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Automated Lead Generation

Zoho CRM is one of the best CRM systems for small business that helps a small business automate lead generation from various sources. Businesses may allocate leads to the appropriate representatives and ensure that no high-quality leads are missed by using lead-scoring software.

As a small business, you can easily: 

  • Select high-quality leads from various sources
  • Develop prospective leads to increase conversions
  • Analyze and keep track of crucial lead information

Deal Management

Zoho One for small business provides everything a business needs to manage deals and sales structures. It provides small businesses with detailed insight into their dealings and analyzes past deal activities and opportunities. 

Contact Management

One of a CRM system’s most important features is contact management. Zoho One operating suite for small business comes with different tools in Zoho CRM to add and manage contacts, prospects, leads, and accounts. To gather information, Zoho provides businesses with a  built-in social CRM network, online businesses, or manual imports. 

Zoho CRM’s drag-and-drop builder lets you personalize your information depending on your business process. Setting this up properly from the beginning will pay off in improved productivity and ensuring that your team has the information they need to hit sales goals.

Zoho CRM Pricing and Options

Regardless of budget, Zoho is available to all businesses, particularly small businesses, thanks to a few different price plan alternatives. Even though the lower plans have more restrictions on what you can do with the program, they are still a fantastic starting point for using CRM software in your business.

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The Zoho free plan can be used by three persons, but if your business has more persons, you can make use of the different paid plans. The free plan provides small businesses with lead, contact, and account management functions, as well as reporting and analytics.

Zoho Standard

It costs $12/month if you pay annually or $18/month if you pay monthly. This price is per user, so small businesses that are looking to manage funds can simply restrict the number of people on Zoho. With the Zoho Standard, you get everything that comes with the free plan plus extra room for customization, email insights, scoring rules, etc. 

Zoho Professional

It costs $20/month for the annual plan and $30/month for the monthly plan. It includes extras like inventory management, Google Ads integrations, etc. 

Zoho Enterprise

This plan is for businesses that are on the larger side of small-to-medium. It includes everything Zoho One offers. 

Zoho One for small business is a comprehensive system that can help run your entire business. Its integrated platform, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and customization options make it stand out from the competition. By leveraging the power of Zoho One, small businesses can streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and effectively manage their customer relationships, ultimately driving growth and success. Contact us at customerization and begin your business journey to success.