Why Should You Pick TypeScrypt?

 When it comes to web development there’s no shortage of new techniques and software which completely changes the landscape. And it makes sense, we live in a time where everybody is pursuing the big next breakthrough and trying to be at the vanguard. So, we understand that if you aren’t always at the top of the software game it might be hard to know what code to use or where to take, but we are here to sum it up for you.

Nowadays if you want a good development toolset for your website or any other online projects you’ll want to hire typescript developers. But what makes this tool so unique? Why is it being used by programmers around the world? And how easy is it to integrate it on existing websites?

Today we’ll cover all of that so you can make the best call on your next online project.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language, so it’s a programming tool like Python or HTML which allows developers to not only create websites but also to make unique functions and shortcuts in it, unlike what would be the case when using existing templates. That on its own is a huge advantage to hiring a dedicated TypeScript developer over simply picking a hosting website from a list, but we want to clear up what makes TypeScript special compared to other alternatives.

If the name TypeScript sounds familiar to you it’s for good reason, as it should cause comparisons to JavaScript. JavaScript on its own is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and most experts call it one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Almost every important website in the world has some degree of JavaScript and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration that JavaScript was a revolutionary innovation for the internet in the vein of Google or Facebook.So how does this tie back to TypeScript? Well, what makes TypeScript so versatile and relevant in the current landscape is that it’s a programming language that builds on what JavaScript already offers. TypeScript includes all of the existing syntax from JavaScript and adds new ones which gives the language even more versatility compared to its predecessor.

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So in short TypeScript is JavaScript which is already one of the building blocks of the internet, and then even more on top of that.
What are the main advantages of using TypeScript?

Perhaps the single most important advantage of TypeScript is that as a programming language, it already includes JavaScript. So if you have an existing website on JavaScript switching won’t cause any issues. And if you already appreciate and are fond of what the JavaScript suite offers then TypeScript comes with all of that and even extra features. It’s a language change that in short has no drawbacks and only offers advantages.

However, there are other advantages inherent to TypeScript which are worth consideration. For one TypeScript offers greater integration with editors, which means that it’s more efficient in general. Any potential errors would be identified earlier and you can expect development time to be briefer in general. Plus TypeScript is guaranteed to run anywhere as it converts its own code to JavaScript for more accessibility.