Shaping the Future of Content: Transforming Visual Storytelling Into Written Narratives

In today’s business world, video files are essential as video consumption continues gaining popularity. They are valuable tools, as 91% of businesses utilize them as a marketing strategy. Additionally, video recordings of lectures or important meetings are perfect for future reference.

However, a video can be ineffective when the viewers need help understanding the content or a section is inaudible. That is where transcription companies come in to transform your visuals into written narratives. How do you optimize your video content’s usefulness? By converting your files to written transcripts, of course!

What Is Video Transcription?

Video transcription involves converting spoken words in a video into written text. A video transcript includes nonverbal cues like gestures, emotions, and facial expressions. Additionally, it contains time codes and relevant sounds and music. The inclusion of non-verbal cues gives accurate representation and enhances understanding.

Benefits of Video Transcription

Video transcription is essential in different industries such as marketing, medical, legal, academic, etc. The following are the reasons you need to jump onto the bandwagon and convert your video content into text.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

With millions of people with hearing impairments, video transcription boosts accessibility. Moreover, transcribing (or translating) your videos in different languages enables more viewers from various parts of the world to access them. Video transcripts are also beneficial to people who prefer reading to listening.

  • Boosted SEO

Video transcripts offer bonus benefits by providing search engines with data to aid the indexing process. This gives you more search engine visibility and lets audiences easily find your content. Videos with transcripts also rank higher on YouTube.

  • Improved Understanding
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Video transcripts enhance understanding, particularly when the video has technical jargon. Viewers whose native language is not English appreciate transcripts as they read along while listening. Students also find video transcripts helpful in improving comprehension.

  • Convenient Translation

Some video transcription services also help translate your content into other languages. In a world where more than 5 billion people have access to the internet, it is ideal to have your video transcripts translated into different languages. This move allows your content to reach a wider audience.

  • Compliance With Legal Requirements

There is a high number of individuals in the workforce with hearing problems that might not benefit from video content. As such, it is a requirement in the US to have closed captions in public videos to make them accessible to everyone. Having video transcripts ensures indiscriminate access to the videos and keeps your company from legal battles.

  • Excellent Form of Reference

In industries like legal, academic video transcripts are a great reference guide. One can refer to a section of the transcript later for clarity. In sensitive and disciplinary hearings, transcripts come in handy in protecting your company against legal action by employees.

4 Reasons You Need Video-to-Text Transcription Services

Video-to-text transcription may sound easy. However, without expertise and commitment, it can become more complicated than you thought. Therefore, to get high-quality transcripts, you need professional transcription services.

Transcription service providers guarantee well-organized and easy-to-read transcripts which enhance your brand image. Still unconvinced? The following are more benefits of hiring video transcription service providers.

  • Accuracy

Transcripts rely on accuracy to be effective, as slight errors can be costly. If you hire an in-house employee to do the transcription, it may be of low quality and inaccurate. You may then spend more time and resources editing and proofreading. However, transcription service providers like GoTranscript have professional human transcribers experienced in providing error-free transcriptions.

  • Expertise
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You can count on video transcription service providers to help transcribe complex audio and video content. They have the needed expertise in handling multiple speakers, diverse accents and dialects, and poor audio qualities. This enables them to transcribe complicated and delicate files accurately, even in technical niche subject areas. Besides that, transcription companies have specialized transcriptionists for specific industries.

  • Compliance to Regulations

Hiring a reliable transcription service provider for your video content offers peace of mind. This is because they are familiar with legal requirements like data privacy laws. On the other hand, hiring unqualified transcribers puts you at risk of lawsuits for data breaches.

  • Flexibility

Transcription companies are flexible and offer different price and customization options. Additionally, they accept videos in various file formats, making it convenient for clients. Their turnaround time is also flexible, depending on your needs. If you have high-volume transcription tasks, companies like GoTranscript are reliable and deliver transcripts within deadlines and on budget.

Transform Your Videos to Text With GoTranscript

With the many benefits of video-to-text transcription, you’d fall behind if you don’t take advantage of it. For fast and affordable transcription, count on GoTranscript. Founded in 2005, it has a team of over 20,000 experts knowledgeable in different languages and cultures.

While other transcription companies rely on speech recognition software, GoTranscript utilizes more accurate options. It uses humans instead of AI to transcribe for maximum accuracy and value for money. Let your brand stand out with one of the best video transcription service providers today.