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Is Feminism Only For Women?

In 1960-is, social havoc took feminists on fire in the excitement of the first acknowledgment of women’s lib. Is feminism only for women? Feminism is for all for it is a metaphor for the underdog, the used, the humiliated, deprived of the possibility to fulfill their true self, for oppressed and submissive. Feminism is addressing women, but it is for all to hear the years of being shut down talking, no, yelling so loud that even the suppressed sexual subconscious drives are being set free. The feminism is for all because if no one is listening, the woman stays enslaved under the glass bell and the male gaze, under the heavy weight of religion’s men-tailored moral, deprived of the identity.

History of feminism is decorated with thorned crowns appointed to proto-feminists like Olympe de Gouges, Flora Tristan, or Elizabeth Cady Stanton, while living in the age when their “fellow women “were described as “silly, inherently immoral, unable to work, study or even express their opinion “. At the beginning of the 20th. Century, in Europe, a woman could still be sold by her husband “. It’s hard to believe that after thousands of years of civilization, we can suddenly change our minds, mend what’s broken, have equal rights, and finish with it all. This is why we still need feminism.

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True equality is maybe impossible, but the partnership is, even though it might be disabled by the will for the power and the fear of losing it. Hopefully, “we shall overcome “, and feminism will become redundant, for men and women.