Are Academic Papers still Relevant in the Internet Era?


If you’re wondering if you need a university degree in this era of the internet, I feel you. I mean, you should probably Google anything you do not know and watch videos all day, right? It sounds like a good way of living, except it’s not in the least bit realistic.

Once you step out of your internet bubble, you realize that you actually do need your academic papers to thrive. Of course, there are online jobs you can easily apply for, but how will you prove that you qualify for them? 

University degrees are still quite important because education helps you evaluate and present information. You can easily tell the difference between an educated person to Google depend on an individual from how they articulate their thoughts. If you haven’t noticed how you present your information determines how far you go in life.

Let’s say you’re not interested in pursuing a professional career. Maybe you’re really good at writing, and you want to venture into academic writing. As a writing helper, you can only deliver custom papers if you’re well vast in the field you choose to venture into. 

As an average internet user, you won’t be in a position to discern what an academic assignment requires. There is a reason why successful individuals are strong advocates of education. Even those who succeeded without education went back to school because they know it’s always a good return on one’s investment.

Stick around to find out more reasons why academic papers are still relevant in this internet era. 


  • People are Naturally Lazy 


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Imagine a world where it’s up to everyone to teach themselves the skills they need to survive. A very small percentage of the world population would succeed in educating themselves. Humans are naturally lazy, and without a structured educational system, many people would resort to staying uneducated.

So even though we would be living in a digital era, there would be so many who wouldn’t know how to use the internet in the first place. The truth is not everyone is proactive and self-driven. Many are successful today because of a team effort. 

So yes, you do need academic papers because the university environment provides you with guidance and structure and comes in handy even after you leave school. There is so much that individuals learn in school that goes beyond academic excellence. 


  • The Job Market wouldn’t have a Fair System for Employment 


Of course, many people today are self-employed, but this does not mean that employment has completely been phased out. There are so many organizations and companies that still hire yearly. Without academic papers, recruiters would not know which candidate is the best for a given position.

The world today is so fast-paced that there is hardly time to assessing each candidate against hundreds of qualifying qualities. Thanks to academic papers, recruiters have an easier time determining who is deserving of a job opportunity

To work in a company or a large corporation, you should be in a position to play by the rules and understand the concept of teamwork. Going to school instills the kind of discipline employers are looking for. Employing self-taught candidates would bring chaos in an organization because each employer would have their own idea of ideal work ethics. 

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There is no doubt that you need your academic papers in today’s digital era. Even though the world is digitalized, we’ve not gotten to a point where your educational background does not matter. The guidance and structure schools provide play a huge role in how the world operates.