Why Is It Better To Use Instagram Tools Than Buying Followers?

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Instagram is awash with profiles that seemingly have endless numbers of followers, but when you check out the post, its seems that there is limited engagement on them. The veneer of popularity is easy to fall into, especially on Instagram, but having profiles loaded with followers and lack of engagement will actually do you more damage than good. So why is this? And why is it better to use Instagram tools than buy followers?

Follower To Engagement Ratio

Instagram is pretty big on their follower to engagement ratio. It acts as a mechanism to punish accounts that purchase high numbers of followers to increase their reach. Instagram punishes users that do this by limiting the posts reach, so all that money that was spent on followers becomes null and void.

The follower to engagement ratio means that you have an equal spread of followers and engagement on your posts, the better this ratio, the more reach Instagram will give your post.

Why Is It Better To Use Instagram Tools?

When you purchase an Instagram tool, be it a managed growth service or automation tool, you are benefitting your Instagram account in more ways than just having followers. These tools grow your accounts by engaging with other users, who in turn will engage with your content. The more these tools engage, the higher the numbers of followers you will get and the more engagement your posts receive. When you purchase a tool, you will find yourself having to consider a myriad of questions about the accounts you want to engage with, such as age, gender, location, interests etc.


These questions will make you consider who your target market is and why you want them to be interested in your content. The more targeted you can get your answers, the more you will see your account grow.

Whether you are business looking for more leads, or an influencer looking to expand their reach, having a targeted approach means you end up with followers and users who are genuinely interested in what you are posting and want to follow you because they like your content. This then creates a feedback loop, as the more followers and engagement you receive, the more Instagram will show it to other users. However, since the days of Instagress have gone, It can be hard to find a tool that actually works.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers

As previously mentioned, Instagram works on the follower to engagement ratio. If you do purchase followers, you will find that most of the time, these aren’t genuine users who reflect your target market. These bot accounts just fill up space on your follower list and add no real value in terms of extending your reach.

It also decreases the validity of your account; it is easy to see when a user has purchased Instagram followers by just looking at the number on the account and then looking at the lack of engagement on the posts. Buying followers may seem like a quick fix, but in reality, it just damages the appearance of your account and reduces the social proof and validity.

Final Considerations

Using Instagram tools may take longer to grow your account, but you can be sure that the followers you receive through using them will be interested in your content and will want to engage with your posts. It may seem like you are playing the long game, but the payoff will be worth it as it will increase your follower to engagement ratio.

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Purchasing followers may seem like a quick fix, but it can damage the validity of your account and Instagram will actively punish users who engage in this behaviour by stifling the account reach.