What Is the Best App to Discover New Music?

What Is the Best App to Discover New Music?

YouTube claims that it has 1.5 billion people visit their site and stream music every month.

Streaming music is the most recent, popular way to listen to the newest tunes, but there are so many different apps out there that it can be hard to figure out which one to choose.

Want to expand your musical horizons? Which music app’s algorithm can help you most with that? Learn the best app to discover new music now.

Apple Music

Instead of buying a song for $1.29 on iTunes, you can just stream music through their new Apple Music service.

If you were part of the generation that purchased a lot of songs, then you may want to invest in Apple Music. Not only will you be able to stream new songs, but you’ll also be able to integrate all your previously downloaded songs as well.

Even if you haven’t downloaded the songs on your device because you don’t have enough storage, you can still access all your music through the iCloud music library as well.

If you want to discover new music, Apple music also has an algorithm that will help you find new music based on your listening history.

Once the algorithm identifies what kind of music you like and what artists you like, it will start to suggest songs and other artists that are similar.


Pandora is another popular app that you can use to stream your music. Pandora already has an algorithm built into the app for what song will play when you start another station.

However, there are new modes that will let you switch through different kinds of music and playlists. These modes will work best when you start interacting and engaging with them.

When you “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” a song, it will know what to suggest (or not) in the future.

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With the new modes, you can have a little bit more control over what music you want to listen to.

With the Crowd Faves mode, you will hear songs that have gotten the most thumbs-up from other listeners.

With Deep Cuts, it will give you songs that may not be as popular so that you can discover new music that you still may enjoy.

With Discovery, you can listen to songs from artists that normally aren’t featured on a certain station.

These are only a few of the controls on there, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure them out. To learn more about it, check out this link:

Amazon Music

Amazon has also thrown its hat into the ring of music streaming.

If you already have Amazon Prime, you won’t have to pay anything extra.

One downside to this service is that they have a smaller library. If you do want a bigger library, you may have to pay a little bit extra. If you want to find rare music that isn’t super popular, this may not be the platform for you.

However, if you just want to listen and discover the pop music of the day for free, Amazon Prime is your best bet.

YouTube Premium

As we said before, YouTube receives billions of visitors on their site. They heard the complaints of users who said that they couldn’t listen to music when they closed the app. Or when users complained that ads interrupted the songs.

So YouTube started its own streaming service for music. When you sign up for Premium, you get access to unlimited songs and videos. That means that you have access to discover all kinds of new music and artists because anyone can upload their song to YouTube.

With the paid version, you won’t have to listen to ads in between your songs either, and you’ll be able to close the app and still listen to music in the background.

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Spotify may be arguably one of the best platforms for finding new music. In fact, they actually cater to it.

This platform was launched in 2006, so the company has had years to perfect its algorithms to make sure that it’s suggesting music you will actually like.

The algorithm comes up with four playlists called Daily Mixes which is a mix of songs that you already listened to, thrown together for the day. These songs may pair stuff that you normally wouldn’t think to go together.

In addition to that, it also comes out with a new “Discover” playlist each week. This playlist has thirty new songs for you based on your listening history.

Every Friday, when new songs are released, you will also see two new playlists. One is called your release radar, and this will go through the newest releases and suggest ones you may like.

The other playlist is all of the popular released songs for that week.

On top of all of that, Spotify will also make playlists recapping your summer and the year, while also making other playlists to help you find new music to start the new year or summer.

Spotify really enjoys making sure that you find the newest and greatest music. You will never find yourself bored or sick of your current songs while you’re on Spotify.

Discover New Music Today!

If you’re trying to discover new music, joining one of these streaming platforms is the best way to do it.

With these services, you’ll be able to find music that no one else is listening to, and you may even find your new favorite artists!

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