Top 5 Must-Have Android Apps in 2020

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With an overall population of 7 billion people, more than 4 billion people are using a smartphone today. With so many smartphone users, there is always a need for new and better applications by them for various purposes such as photography, photo editing, games, video streaming, social media apps, etc. With there being a constant demand for updated apps, the developers need to be on their feet to update the apps and make the interface better, along with offering new features at regular intervals.

The difficulty a user will face is that there are more than a couple million apps on the Android app store itself and many more on the iOS app store. The wide choice of apps tends to confuse the user. To sort this confusion and give you a better idea of what apps are the best in the coming years, we have prepared a list of the top 5 apps for you to use. These apps have selected from various categories.

The top 5 apps that a user must have in their smartphone are:

CartoonHD: How often have you sat idle with nothing to do or on a long boring flight and wondered how amazing would it be to have an app where you could watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Cartoon HD gives you fulfill collection of these as well as music videos and documentaries all at 4K video quality. It also gives you the option to download these videos to give you access, even without an internet connection. So no more boring flights or sitting and wondering what to do. Download Cartoon HD and enjoy seamless video content.

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 9Apps: Though this app is like another app store in itself, it gives the user access to some of the best apps that cannot be found on the regular Android and iOS app stores. 9Apps APK has suggestions to the user as per there preferences and uses. It has recently gained popularity amongst users to find apps and games that can’t usually utilize.

 YouTube Music: We have all always wished to listen to music on YouTube without any advertisement and especially in the background of other apps. YouTube finally decided to fulfill this wish by releasing an app. Though you require to take up membership for it, it allows you to do the above- mentioned tasks without any wait and delay.

Call of Duty Mobile: Call of Duty has gained a lot of popularity in the PC and console versions. Tencent Games have now partnered and released the mobile version of the game. The graphics and gameplay are of high quality when compared to other RPG games.

 Amazon Prime Video: Even with heavy competition from Netflix and Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video has maintained its content to a standard. Even though you have to buy the membership, it is Androidworth the amount they charge.

These top 5 apps are a must-have in your smartphone to utilize the most out of your phone. All these apps are free to download, though some of them have in-app purchases to be made, they are worth it.