What Can You Do with Your Old Car?

What Can You Do with Your Old Car?

Do you have an old car lying around that you want to get rid of? The problem is that you don’t know what to do with an old car. Do you junk it? Do you sell it to a trash removal service?

You’d be surprised at all the things you can do with your old car.

Sell Your Old Car

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s useless. Depending on the condition, your old car can still be quite valuable. You could try to make some extra cash by selling it.

Research similar cars in your area that are for sale and start making prices that you feel comfortable with. You have to set the right price, or your vehicle will still be sitting for a long time. Then you’ll be right back to the beginning where you don’t know what to do with an old car.

Make sure you take out personal belongings and clean the inside and outside of your car before buyers show up.

You can also try selling your car to a dealer, trade it in, or sell it under consignment. Be aware that you probably won’t get as much money because all these options want to make money too.

Sell Your Car for Cash

There’s another way you can sell your car that’s easier than doing it yourself when you don’t know what to do with an old car. There are a lot of businesses that will buy junk cars for cash.

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Look up “junk cars near me” and check reviews of these businesses.

As soon as they come to take your car, you get cash for it. Be aware that while you’ll get a reasonable price, it may not be as good as selling it yourself. Though the time and effort it takes to sell it yourself may make the lower price worth it.

Sell the Parts

Another way you can sell your car is to sell it in parts. Now, this may take more work, especially if you don’t know what to do with an old car.

You can look up your make and model and see if any of the parts are valuable. Spare parts are a huge market, especially if they’re factory original.

If you or someone you know is good with tools, you could get all the parts you need out in an afternoon.

You can either sell the rest of the car for scrap metal or call a commercial car service and junk car for cash.

Donate Your Car

If that all sounds like too much work, you can donate your car to charity. Many charities are looking for old cars to repair or spare parts to repair other vehicles for those in need.

They’ll know what to do with an old car, and most of the time, they offer to pick up the vehicle for free. You’ll get a receipt of what the car’s worth to use as a tax reduction.