Weighted Blankets: Cozying Up Your Bed


A good night’s sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining good health and well-being throughout your life. Your mental health, physical health, safety, and quality of life can be protected by getting enough quality sleep.

To achieve quality sleep, different factors come into play. Stress, relationships, foods you eat, medical conditions, and the environment that you slept in. The factor that you are in control of is the environment. The environment includes the amount of light you are exposed to, the security and safety that you feel, and how comfortable your bed is.

Speaking of comfortability of bed, choosing the bedding that you are comfortable sleeping on can have a powerful effect on your sleep. There are many types of bedding, including but not limited to mattress sheets, bedspread, and blankets. Blankets are used to heat up your body, resulting in having a warm sleep. However, there is a special type of blanket that is on-trend now. This type of blanket is called a weighted blanket. While sleeping with weighted blanket smart nora helps to sleep peacefully without disturbing the partner’s sleep.

Definition of Weighted Blanket

Due to the fillings within the blanket, weighted blankets offer a calming result, especially in your sleep. These throw-sized blankets use the principles of DPT or Deep Touch Pressure and DPS or Deep Pressure Stimulation. These principles help you relax when you lie on your bed. Doctors and therapists recommend such types of blankets because of the following benefits.

Benefits of Weighted Blanket

  1. Eases your insomnia. This type of blanket gives off a firm but gentle pressure which helps in dozing off easily.
  2. Reduces your anxiety. Anxiety has become common these days. If you have anxiety, then your best friend is a weighted blanket. A hug from anywhere from your best buddy — the weighted blanket.
  3. It helps in fighting your stress. Everyone goes through stress. Luckily, weighted blankets offer deep touch pressure stimulation to fight off stress.
  4. It improves focus on those with ADHD. Research has shown that the weighted blanket’s DTP and DTS help in producing a calm and soothing effect for those with attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome.
  5. Improves your sleep quality. While it is important to sleep with the right amount of hours, it is also crucial to have a genuine and restorative sleep. This type of blanket brings that quality as it boosts your serotonin or your happy chemicals.
  6. Boosts your mood. When you are feeling down, the deep touch pressure simulation feature of the weighted blanket will bring a boost in the production of serotonin. You can always get this type of therapy in the comfort of your home.
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Choosing Your Weighted Blanket

  1. Consider your body weight. The weight of the weighted blanket should matter depending on your weight. When choosing, consider a blanket that weighs roughly 10 percent of your body weight.
  2. Choose your fabric. Make sure that when you choose a fabric for your blanket, it doesn’t irritate you. The fabric should suit your comfortability requirements. Quility Weighted Blanket offers such blankets made of 100% natural cotton. The type of cotton used not only brings warm but also breathable.

Meanwhile, some blankets are made of heavy and warm wool, thin and light down, luxurious and soft cashmere, cozy fleece, and synthetic fabrics.

  1. Choosing blanket filling. There are three types of filling for weighted blankets. These are plastic poly pellets, micro glass beads, and grains or dried beans. Due to its longevity and washable feature, plastic poly pellets are sometimes chosen. Micro glass beads offer odorless and body-smooth benefits for you. Lastly, the availability of weighted blankets with grains or dried beans as fillings makes it affordable for customers.
  2. Choosing the size. The size of the blanket matters. You may want to measure your bed first before choosing the size of your blanket to avoid misfit. You will need it to be large enough to cover the mattress with a few extra inches for tucking.

Although the sizes vary from a manufacturer to another manufacturer, the typical blanket sizes are 90” x 65” for a twin size, 90” x 85” for full or queen size, and 90” x 110” for king size.

  1. Choosing the type of weave. Although it doesn’t always matter, some customers are still picky with the type of weave they want for their blankets. Blankets sometimes differ in terms of weave which provides the difference in warmth and weight.
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A thermal type of weave, which is generally found in cotton blankets, lets air circulate easily because it is loose. Such type is good for summer months. Knit-weaved blankets are warm and heavy due to being made from wool or synthetic materials. Lastly, the conventional type offers good insulation for body heat. Navien Mate heated mattress pad are best to use.


No matter what your preferences are, it is best to invest in your sleep. Consider buying comfortable bedding that will help your sleep to be as cozy as possible. With weighted blankets, you are sure to have a good nigh’s sleep while maintaining the best possible health you can have.

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