Bulk Link-building and Its Negative Effects

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Every website owner knows that driving traffic to a website is hard work. It doesn’t happen easily, and it doesn’t occur overnight. Bulk Link Building is one such technique that can help you in this.

However, when one craves for bulk link building tactics, the first question that pops up in the mind is-

‘Is resorting to black hat link building the solution?’

And the answer is- Hell no!

Do not fall into this trap. Black hat link building will surely boost your rankings in the short term, but for how long?

At the rate at which Google is upgrading its algorithm, it is just a matter of time when black hat link building sites will be penalized.

The sole purpose of black hat link building websites is to improve their rankings in the search engine. They do not add any value to the user experience. They exploit the website loopholes to boost the ranking of a site in a much quicker manner compared to organic means.

Some most common black hat link building practices are:

  1. Posting comments at the end of blog which links to a third party sites
  2. Another practice is the creation of link farms. Link farms are websites that have little to no content and just contain an endless number of links.
  3. Cloaking is another tactic that lets you showcase different content to search engines than what you show to your users
  4. Opting for hidden links into a site (that you do not own) by exploiting their security flaw
  5. Using the hidden text on any page that is just displayed to the search engines and not your site visitors. These pages include excessive use of keyword for which you want your site to rank for

As you have guessed, black hat tactics involve all those practices that violate the search engine guidelines for getting quick results. These tactics look for loopholes in websites. Worrying, getting penalized, along with overnight disappearance of the results are some of the cons that people resorting to black hat tactics may have to face.

That is why; just choosing black hat methods of bulk link building practices won’t ensure sustainable growth for your site. Instead of paying heed upon white hat techniques is going to be the most useful option for you. Plus, you can also choose some paid techniques as well.

Let us first have a look upon white hat tactics for link building, and later, we will discuss the paid tactics of bulk link building-

White Hat Tactics

All the practices that fall within the webmaster guidelines are termed as being Whitehat. Carrying out a white hat SEO is safe and saves you from worrying about getting penalized by search engines like Google or Bing.  At Searcharoo, a link building agency, they recommend that you do your research about the best practices and tactics for link building before jumping into action. You can outsource these tasks to build external connections. If you’re planning to do so, make sure you ask all the questions you need before hiring a team to do the job for you.

White hat practices will stay for a long period of time and will also take some time to show their results on your traffic and search appearance.

Some white hat tactics of link building are-

  • Creating unique, quality and insightful content
  • Making a genuine and highly engaged community that will interact with your site and also with each other
  • Asking for links from friends and partners from the relevant niche
  • Using Directory submission
  • Finding backlinking opportunities from the competitors
  • Using business listing, writing testimonial and giving back a link to your site
  • Using guest blogging for building a relationship with other site owners
  • Earning backlinks from the visual content

Pros of sticking to Whitehat Link Building:

  • No worries about getting penalized as you are following the search engine guidelines
  • The result will definitely take some time to reflect on your rankings and traffic, but these will for long periods.
  • As you go on slowing building your audience base, you forge a strong relationship with your followers.
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Cons of white hat link building:

  • The outcome of conducting white hat practices will take its time to show.

White hat strategies include crafting high value and original content for your website. Again, focusing on offering value to your audience through good content also has the domino effect of forging strong and long-lasting relationships with them.

Why one should go with White Hat Link Building

If you are coming online with a website, chances are you want people to like you, buy from you, or recommend you. All these can be achieved with white hat tactics. White hat strategies are even more important if you are a business.

In the world of business, reputation, and quality matter a lot. A business can’t afford to have bad-mouthing or being perceived in a bad light. Going with the black hat techniques increases the chances of such situations.

No business wants to look over their shoulders constantly and live in fear of being penalized by Google. It’s much better to go with white hat practices, especially if you want to continue your online presence in the long run (which every business wants).

But if you want quick results from your Bulk Link Building Service then paid Link Building would be more useful for you.

Curious to know more about paid links?

Let us get started with the concepts of buying links here and now-

All about Buying Links for Bulk Link Building

When you are in the early days of establishing your online presence, link building is going to be hard. It is for this reason that many website owners do not resist buying links to improve their page rankings. Buying links is nowadays considered as negative SEO and result in a rank drop.

Google frowns upon buying links and has come forward many times, saying that this practice violates their webmaster guidelines.

Why does Google care so much about this?

Google wants people to get results that provide some value to them.

They want to rank those websites that provide value and deserve to receive good rankings. Bestowing good ranking only because someone can afford to buy links is not what they want.

Buying links mess with Google’s algorithm as well as with Google’s intentions. It has particularly stressed those links that pass PageRank. These are dofollow links that transfer link juice or give a virtual vote of support from websites.

Now, there is a difference between buying links for advertisement and buying links for page ranks.

Links for advertisement have the Nofollow attribute and do not pass PageRank to a website. The sole purpose of such links is to raise awareness about a website or brand. Making the link Javascript or blocking it by robot.txt files are some ways to ensure that PageRank is not passed through advertisement links.

Businesses that plan on staying for the long haul shouldn’t resort to buying links. You never know when Google catches up with you on this and penalizes you for this. It’s recommended to do a link building the white hat way to avoid risks.

Know about the Penalties of Buying Links- Side effects of Bulk Link Building

You really don’t want to get a penalty from Google. The penalty can last from a few days to a few months. During this time, you can suffer irreversible losses. This scenario is true, especially for businesses.

There have been several incidences where Google has penalized some large enterprises. Let’s take the case of Overstock. Overstock was found by Google to give discounts on their products to universities in exchange for links. Google penalized the company, and it took a couple of months to recover from the penalty.

There are two types of Google penalties

  • Manual Penalty

The manual penalty means that a member from the Google spam department has found a violation on your website and has manually applied a penalty. You need to file for a reconsideration request in this case.

  • Algorithm Penalty
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The algorithm penalty means that the Google algorithm has automatically detected a problem. Here fixing the problem may lead to recovery when Google bots next crawl your website, or you may even need to file a reconsideration request.

Why is trading links not a good idea?

Link exchanges used to be the norm back in the days, and Google allowed it.

However, soon, websites started to abuse this. Some websites would link to the other only for the incentive of getting a link back. Often these links would be from websites that were absolutely unrelated to each other.

Again, there was a second type of link abuse where certain websites were only created to link to others. These are called link farms. They didn’t benefit the user in any way. Soon Google recognized these malpractices and started penalizing the websites for buying and exchanging links.

Link building is not only hard; it is also a long process.

So, what is the solution that is legitimate, viable and gives quick results?

Many companies prefer to outsource this aspect of SEO. Let us have a look upon the benefits of outsourcing bulk link building –

Benefits of outsourcing Bulk Link Building

Let’s look at some of its advantages:

  • Saves time

Linking building takes time, and if you decide to do it yourself, then you won’t get enough time to focus on your main business functions. Delegating it to your team members too takes away valuable human resources from your other important tasks.

Another option is to hire a new employee and to entrust them to carry out link building. However, can you be sure that a new employee without prior experience can do it nicely?

  • You get professional help

When you outsource the link building to another agency or professional, you can be sure that they have the ‘know-how’ to carry out the entrusted task.

Past experience, coupled with practical knowledge, means that they would know what to do for link building and how to do it. The outcome will be getting fast results sans the worrying of harming your website or its rankings.

  • You don’t have to worry

The best part about outsourcing link building is, not having to worry about it. Link building can be tricky, tedious, and a continuous process. Things can easily go south if you don’t know what you are doing. You definitely don’t want that to be the case!

Delegating this part of the SEO will free you from this tedious process. Further, you can also hold someone else accountable if the website gets penalized.

Together with these advantages, there are certain disadvantages to outsourcing bulk link building. Let us have a look upon that as well-

The downsides of outsourcing Link Building

Obviously, outsourcing some functions of your business comes with some downsides. In the case of outsourcing link building, following are the disadvantages:

1) You lose some control

If you are someone who likes to be in control, then outsourcing link building will make you feel left out. However, it’s not true that you have to relinquish total control. You still need to monitor the URLs, anchor texts, and the websites being approached.

2) Getting stuck with shady agencies

Not every agency sticks with the white hat tactics. Therefore, you must check the agency’s customer reviews and their portfolio before hiring them.

3) Get bound by contracts

The last thing you want is paying huge chunks of money for bad results. This can be the case if you do not read the fine print and sign off a contract blindly. See that the contract allows you to exit easily if you are not satisfied with the service.

So, what we suggest is never make an aggressive move in building links. Don’t even think about bulk links building. Some people on marketplace are offering bulk link building service which is considered as negative seo service on google eyes. So, what is your take about the bulk link building practices?