What is Smart Nora and Why It’s a Technological Breakthrough


Are you suffering from lack of sleep due to a snoring partner or perhaps you have been waking yourself up because you have started to snore? This may be an unpleasant experience as the constant interrupted sleep will be exhausting for both you and your partner and not to mention this will also affect your health and wellbeing in the long-term if the problem is not solved. There are be various reason why someone has started snoring, factors like weight gain, allergies, sleep apnea, sinus infection and blocked airways are just a few of the reasons to cause someone snoring.

What is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring pillow system that is one of its kind as generic anti-snoring devices available in the market are usually chinstraps, mouthpieces and nasal strips. Smart Nora has opened new possibilities to curb snoring as its innovative non-evasive design helps users to combat their snoring problem with minimal discomfort as compared to the other generic types of anti-snoring devices. To have a deeper understanding of how Smart Nora works, you can check out the Smart Nora Reviews to find out more about this anti-snoring solution.

Essentially, other anti-snoring devices are designed to amend the position of the lower jaw; pushing the jaw forward helps to unblocked the airway at the back of the throat to stop the vibrations that cause snoring. The Smart Nora’s non-evasive method does not require the snorer to wear any uncomfortable device nor does it cause any sort of physical pain or discomfort while it works to stop the snoring.

Smart Nora comes in three components; the pillow insert, an egg cradle for wall mounting, a power cord, a pump and a pebble or microphone. The whole system is smartly packed in a case that can be reused if you need to repack the Smart Nora for traveling and it also may help to store the Smart Nora away neatly when you no longer need to use it. The pillow insert which is the main component of the Smart Nora comes in a standard size of 20 inches by 8 inches; it should comfortably fit around your pillow and can be slot into your pillowcase.

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How Does It Work?

In basic terms, the Smart Nora inflates its pillow insert when the microphone catches any audio that sounds like snoring; the pillow insert inflates to a preset level that can be personalized and this will help to unblock airways so your snoring can stop. The inflation of the pillow works gently and does not cause any discomfort so you should still stay asleep when the Smart Nora works its magic to stop the vibrations of trapped air that causes any snoring.

The helpful feature from Smart Nora that allows each user to personalize the level of elevation is genius as everyone would need different levels of elevation to unblock their airways. The inflation works silently with no sound from the pump so the user can stay asleep; you will not have to worry about the elevation waking you up midway. It is best to note that when using the Smart Nora it will be important to ensure that you are able to control any other external noises in your bedroom like music or television as the microphone might detect other sounds as snoring and start working when you are not asleep yet.

You will need a power outlet available near your bedside as the pump for the Smart Nora pillow insert needs to be charged for at least 5-7 hours as it will need to say switched on for long hours in the night. Aside from this small drawback of having to charge the pump daily, the Smart Nora delivers its function efficiently with no hassle.

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Benefits Of Using The Smart Nora

1. Works Immediately

Unlike most anti-snoring devices like the mouthpiece or chinstrap, you can immediately experience the reduction with your snoring as soon as you use the Smart Nora! There is also no prep process before you use the device, it is ready to be plugged in and used as soon as you get it. The Smart Nora does not require your body to give it time to get used to it, you would only have to go about your sleeping routine like normal and just let the device do its work to stop your snoring. With transitional care for seniors this anti snoring device is very much helpful to stop snoring.

2. Can Help Any Type Of Sleeper

The Smart Nora does not discriminate, it can help any sort of sleeper; combo, side, stomach and back sleepers can all reap the anti-snoring benefits of the Smart Nora alike. Most anti-snoring devices like mouthpieces won’t be much help to sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach but with the Smart Nora you will not have to adjust your sleeping style to curb your snoring.

3. Comfortable To Use

The innovative non-evasive design of the Smart Nora makes it a state-of-the-art kind of device as most sleepers who snore experience a very hard time wearing mouthpieces and chinstraps to stop snoring. Mouthpieces can cause discomfort of the lower mandible and will restrict the user from talking or drinking water at night; there might be also excessive drooling and teeth discomfort while using it. You won’t have to experience any sort of pain when using the Smart Nora; just plug it in and sleep like you normally do and it will automatically work to stop your snoring.