A Guide To Help Beginners Enjoy A Great Vaping Experience

Vaping Experience

For new users, getting used to the world of vaping may be an overwhelming experience. You’ll have to make decisions based on choosing the best e-liquids. You’ll also have to figure out how vape fits into your daily lifestyle. That’s why it may benefit you to rely on some tips. Here is a look at some common vaping tips to help you enjoy the best possible vaping experience.

Look For High-Quality E-liquids

Even though high-quality e-liquids are a little expensive, it’s worth it to spend the extra money. Avoid purchasing foreign e-liquids online, as they may contain impurities that can cause you to get sick. Try to purchase your e-liquids from a reliable manufacturer in the United States. High-quality vapor juices are a great choice because they contain different food-grade ingredients and nicotine.

Figure Out Your PG/VG Ratios

Be aware that high e-liquids produce thicker smoke. Low VG e-liquids create smaller clouds. You’ll have to figure out whether you prefer higher or lower VG e-liquids based on the cloud effect and flavor that you want to achieve. Higher e-liquids are more popular because the likelihood of someone having an allergic reaction is lower. Higher E-liquids are also naturally sweet.

Developing Your Taste

While you develop your tastes and preferences, there are several different stores that offer sample packs. Some of the popular categories of flavors include tobacco, savory, candy, and dessert flavors. You can also create your unique combinations of flavors. If you purchase a bottle of e-liquid that seems bland, it may be wise to place it in a dark room for a week.

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Look At Your Battery

Look at your battery to ensure that your battery and vape are working properly. Unscrew the battery and look for the e-juice buildup near the parts where the battery and atomizer are synced together. Keeping the battery clean will help prevent any issues from arising.

Perform Regular E-Tank Maintenance

Make sure that you are cleaning out your E-tank regularly. Take apart your vape, pour out the excess e-liquid, and rinse out the tank and atomizer. Try to perform this task at least once a week. Regular maintenance will prevent leaks.

Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s Tongue occurs when you vape a flavor e-juice for such a longperiod of time that you are not able to taste the flavor anymore. Many e-cigarette users develop this condition. To avoid developing Vaper’s Tongue, mix in a new flavor every now and then along with your favorites. Also, make sure that you drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

Purchase Extra Batteries

Be sure to purchase an extra set of batteries, so that you can easily replace your current set when the time comes.

Pay Attention To Plastic Tank Warnings

Be aware that flavors such as citrus and cinnamon can wrap plastic tanks. If you like flavors with a lot of acid, purchase a glass for protection.

Try Different Things

Be sure to take time to experiment and find what is most appealing to you. Stop by the Mesa Vape Shop to try some new flavors and devices.

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