Where Does Web Development Start?

Web Development

Where Does Web Development Start?Do you need to establish an online presence for your brand but have no idea where to start? There are over 4.13 billion internet users in the world. It looks like almost everyone is plugged into the internet these days and lacking an online presence is a disservice to your brand. Regardless of your industry, a website is a must-have for the business.

A website not only increases your visibility and sales but also allows you to connect with your customers and establish yourself as a thought leader. The benefits of having a website are immeasurable. Building a website that serves your business goals is very important. So, how do you start your own website?

How To Start Your Own Website

Starting a website is one of the easiest things anyone can do online. It doesn’t matter whether you have any coding skills. But before you start creating your own website, it is important to think through the objectives of the website. Looking at what your competitors are doing on their websites can give you an idea of how to go about creating yours.

These four basic steps can help you to start your own website;

          Register your domain name. It is advisable to have the domain name reflect the brand or its products so that your customers can easily identify the business on search engines.

          Find a web hosting company. Different web hosting companies charge different fees for web hosting services. They will also provide you with email addresses for your website.

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          Create content for your website. This is the most important aspect of your website. The type of content you create will depend on your business goals and customer needs. Always create content with the customer in mind.

          Go live. After testing and confirming that everything is working as it should, publish your website. This will launch your website on the internet and anyone who searches it online can find it.

If you are unsure of how to go about it, then it is advisable to hire an experienced web developer to build your website, with Onix Systems providing offshore web development services that you can rely on. It is also important to regularly update your website.

Why You Need Web Development

About 60% of small businesses don’t have any website. Most of these businesses don’t see the need to invest in a website at all. Yet the benefits a website would bring to the business are quite obvious. Besides increasing profitability, web development also has the following benefits to a business;

          It puts the business in charge of the online narrative about the brand.

          Saves the business money on online and offline advertising.

          Gives the business credibility. At least 97% of shoppers buy from local businesses they discover on review site Yelp.

          It helps in increasing brand awareness and visibility.

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The reasons why you would need web development are endless. It would revolutionize your business. If you are not already started on building your own website, this is the best time to start.


For your website to be effective and serve its purpose, it should have a professional look and feel. An unprofessional website is counterproductive and will only serve to scare away customers. For quality web development services, get in touch with Onyx System. We provide offshore web development services that are customized to your business needs.