Top Grossing Games Apps in the United Arab Emirates

Top Grossing Games Apps

The free mobile apps gaming market in the MENA region and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, has been in a state of constant flux. However, with every big move in the market, the segment’s net worth has gone one way – up.  The gross revenue generated by mobile apps and the free-to-play model has given a significant boost to the MENA region leading to more opportunities to enjoy gaming, even if from handheld devices. Today, we take a look at the top grossing games apps out there that have reshaped the way we imagine mobile gaming.


There seems to be no quite other game that has been able to pull off the same feat as PUBG Mobile. The game uses the free-to-play model and brings you a fully-scaled battle royal action right to your phone. It has been downloaded some 38 million for Android and some 109,453 times on iOS.  In both instances, the app remains the best-grossing app there is and there is no denying that. The game’s popularity has been staggering not only because it allowed players to get started with a fantastic gaming title, but also of its earning potential as a whole.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is another outstanding game app that has smashed all records with over 27 million downloads in the United Arab Emirates alone. The game is also one of the few massive online battle arenas games that you can access on any handheld device in the UAE and it is well worth a shot.

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The premise of Mobile Legends is simple – overrun the enemy’s base so they cannot stop you from destroying their central building, which is the source of their power. However, achieving this would require an in-depth knowledge of the dozens of characters and their special abilities as well as coordination between individual players, and no small amount of raw skill.  When players in UAE look for something challenging and rewarding in terms of gameplay, they stick with Mobile Legends. Yet, there are other top-grossing alternatives such as apps for new casino games that are a lot of fun and play even easier and quicker than Mobile Legends, but with none of the complexity!

Call of Duty: Mobile

With its 14 million downloads on Android in the UAE alone, Call of Duty: Mobile is truly one original piece of gaming. Players will find the shooter to be very rewarding but also offer you some excellent mechanics and way to engage with others in what is clearly a world at war. Call of Duty makes it possible for you to:

  • Enjoy a large-scale warfare
  • Join a world of million of other players
  • Explore a skill-based title from start to end

Not least, Call of Duty: Mobile is very easy to play and it’s free, meaning that it has a guaranteed reach with a broader number of people almost immediately. Players can rest assured that the title is well worth their time and effort.

Free Fire

Speaking of a great game that extols battles and warfare, there is really nothing quite matching up the popularity of Free Fire. The app has been downloaded 95 million times for Android alone and it’s one of the best grossing titles out there. Players are very welcome to have a crack at this unique Garena game.  Designed as a battle royale game, there is a lot to see, do and explore in Free Fire. The game’s around the 10th most grossing title in the UAE, mostly because Garena is not trying to monetize it too aggressively.  Rather, micro-transactions are a part of the game that players can freely opt-in and out of at their own leisure without any strings attached. Free Fire has been able to achieve global recognition, but one of its core markets in the UAE.

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Top War: Battle Game

Top War is another fantastic mobile game that you will be excited about. The app has been downloaded an impressive 500,000+ times and it’s one of the highest-grossing games in the country right now. What makes it so special?  It’s got a fun and easy gameplay that will immediately suck you in and make it very rewarding for you to play and enjoy the semi-cartoonish world that is nevertheless quite compelling.  Top War has plenty to offer in terms of strategy, raw skills, and more. Players will enjoy a variety of excellent features that will elevate their experience, and the MENA region definitely has a love for Top War: Battle Game.