According to access control and SSO software, Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud are the two powerful platforms existing today. Users of Auth0 praise how the platform has clarified and expedited the identity management set-up. On the other end, Okta Identity Cloud users appreciate how all its services are fully portable and conveniently accessible on various devices. In this blog, we will compare both these tools in terms of rating, benefits and drawbacks. You can get the course Okta Training available online to get an idea and aids in improving your business.


Since 2013, Auth0 has been presenting authentication and security tools. Authentication is built spontaneously with Auth0. Hence, it is an ideal tool among developers. It also implements tools for migration of databases, linking of account, customization of email, position management, and personalized domain, in addition to identity management. Shelf, FI.SPAN, Smallpdf, OYO ROOMS, and TripLegend are firms that use Auth0. It appears to hit an average of 1.5 billion logins per month.

Benefit – Facility of use and set-up.

Drawback – Restricted metadata configuration software for Apple.

Okta Identity Cloud

When it comes to identity management, Okta Identity Cloud is a simple tool. As of 2009, when it comes to enterprise-grade authentication tools, it has been delivering services and applications to beat. Apart from identity management, it is also renowned for its tools for cloud directory services and zero trust networking. HubSpot,Groupon,Typeform, LinkedIn and Travelex are among its customers. Okta currently has hundred million active users to date. Also, the platform is accessible in French.

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Benefit – Mobile access is fast and simple.

Drawback  – Intricate reset protocols for passwords

Comparison of Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud Ratings

Let us now compare users’ feedback on the similarities and discrepancies between software options based on functionality, ease of use, customer support, and money value.

  • Overall Rating:

Auth0 has 50 reviews and a 4.68/5 rating, while Okta Identity Cloud has 476 reviews and a 4.66/5 rating.

  • Functionality:

Auth0 has 4.5/5 rating, while Okta Identity Cloud also has 4.5/5 rating.

  • Ease of use:

Auth0 has 4.5/5 rating, while Okta Identity Cloud also has 4.5/5 rating.

  • Customer Support:

Auth0 has 4.5/5 rating, while Okta Identity Cloud also has 4.5/5 rating.

  • Money Value:

Auth0 has 4.5/5 rating, while Okta Identity Cloud also has 4.5/5 rating.

Comparison of Supplementary details

  • Ideal Size of Customer:

Both Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud include all the small, medium and Large scale sizes of customers.

  • Operating Systems:

Both Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

3)   Cost Price:

For both Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud, the price is currently not stated.

Client feedback on Benefits and Drawbacks 

Benefits of Auth0:

  • Simple to configure. A very stable admin dashboard. Fair prices.
  • Simple to use! Terrific lessons! Outstanding paperwork! A lot of social providers and identity! MFA, Detection of Anomaly! Moderate cost!
  • Documentation is excellent and very simple to understand. It is also easy to get a free account to look into it personally. For customizations, some choices give our business flexibility and adaptability.

Benefits of Okta Identity Cloud:

  • I enjoy this product’s layout. It makes all of my applications easy to find.
  • I love that it makes it easy to access all my applications with this programme. It was easy to use and cut down on a lot of the previous problems we had.
  • The platform was easy to use and had no access issues. It makes things simpler for me.
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Drawbacks of Auth0:

  • A few of the development code for the function is a little bit complex, but nothing wild. Support is also available, and they know very well about their brand to get you across any blockers you have.
  • Some sections of configuration options and code samples are tricky to access, but there will be a system once you get on with it.
  • If it’s down, like recent times, it can impact your business.

Drawbacks of Okta Identity Cloud:

  • Some stuff can be a bit hard to set up when you’re not using Active Directory, but it’s not a huge deal when you compare other services.
  • It can seem a little tricky to add users and weird if you don’t do it all the time, it might be a bit easier to add users to your account. But other than that, it’s reasonably good tech.
  • Even though it can be an adjustment and irritating for some people, there have been no problems with it, and it is essential to have it.


If you run a small business with no convoluted authentication essentials, you can opt for Auth0. If you run an enterprise and try to provide more tools for independent mobile users, Okta Identity Cloud should be your alternative.