Top 10 Tips for Living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong

Are you planning a move to Hong Kong?

Moving anywhere is always an exciting chapter in your life. Especially when you’re moving abroad. But it’s also a big change, and if you’ve never lived in Hong Kong before, you’ll need to do some preparation. First of all you need to check the Cost of Living by Country so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

That’s where we come in! Keep reading for these top 10 tips for living in Hong Kong you need to know today.

1. Look After Your Health

Hong Kong living will be a huge change. Make sure you’re looking after your mental and physical health. Stay hydrated and try to get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Use it as an excuse to get to know your neighborhood and local places of interest.

2. Sort Out Internet Access

Go to Sham Shui Po for unlocked Chinese models like Huawei and Xiaomi for reasonable prices. Make sure you shop around for contract length, price, what models you can get, and any perks like public WiFi.

3. Find an Apartment ASAP

Make searching for Hong Kong apartments a priority. When looking for Hong Kong apartments to rent, you could also flatshare. This can keep costs down.

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Hong Kong living conditions can differ from what you might expect. Check out Property for more on what benefits living in Hong Kong brings.

4. Don’t Say No to an Invite

It might come as a surprise how eager people are to help you settle in. They might not become friends, they can help you discover your new city, and chase away the loneliness.

If you promised a Skype call home but get an invite to go for lunch at the same time, do the latter. It’ll help you settle in and start your new life. Your friends and family will understand rearranging now and then.

5. Get Networking

Networking in Hong Kong will be the key to your success. Meet people in your industry, or who share a passion for the new hobby you’ll pick up.

Don’t shun going ex-pat communities or social media groups. Their help, knowledge, and experience will be invaluable. Get familiar with your consulate or chamber too to help find work and meet people from your home country.

6. Work & Play Hard

In Hong Kong, a standard 9-5 shift can feel like half a day’s work. It’s common to get late-night emails and conference calls. It’s not uncommon though to socialize later, with dinner at 9 pm or the gym at 10 pm. Even having a late-night massage is possible to chase the stress away.

7. Do New Things

There’s a good chance a lot of the things you liked to do back home won’t be available in Hong Kong. Make sure you find some new hobbies to get stuck into. Be flexible, and use this as a chance to discover more about yourself.

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8. Accept You’ll Cry a Bit

It could be anywhere, shopping for new furniture, opening your bank account, working out… At some point, it’ll feel too much and you’ll have a good cry.

This is normal and you should expect it. You’re not going to settle in right away or stop missing home. Everything takes time, so let yourself get upset and be kind to yourself. Then move on.

9. Have Some Quality Time

Once you’ve settled in, you won’t always have a lot of time on your hands with your busy new life. In those moments where the homesickness creeps in, use your time wisely.

Take the chance to have some quality time with yourself, your partner, and/or your children. You’ll soon pine for that free time again as your new life gets busier.

10. Hong Kong is What You Make of It

Hong Kong presents a wealth of opportunities, full of creative, driven people. If you want it, you can learn new skills or even start your own business. If you have a dream, Hong Kong is the place to go for it hard.

Living in Hong Kong: An Exciting New Start

So, now you know these 10 tips on living in Hong Kong, you’re ready to start your new chapter.

Make sure to dive into your new life head first and get stuck in. Get connected, find an apartment, and start networking as soon as possible. But be kind to yourself and give yourself time to miss home.

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