Top 5 Tinder Alternatives

Top 5 Tinder Alternatives

Tinder is a popular application focused on finding a partner for a romantic relationship, used by both men and women. In fact, Tinder is far from the only application of its kind that allows people to find new friends for communication. Different analogs of Tinder regularly appear on the market of modern social software. And here we have other apps that can be a great alternative to Tinder.

1.    OkCupid

This application and site have gained popularity among those who are interested not only in casual sex, photo exchange, and monotonous hours of chatting that lead to nothing. OkCupid allows users to learn much more about each other without even entering into texting. The basis for your profile will be not just your photos and a few suggestions about your favorite food, music, or movie but also detailed answers to really interesting questions that will help reveal your personality to those who are interested in you.

2.    Pure

This application is the exact opposite of the previous one. It will be interesting to those who look for casual sex, people who don’t want to be bothered with the details of the multifaceted personalities of others, and also in the case when a young woman seeks older men. To find a partner for the night, just upload at least one photo of yourself, indicate your gender and the gender of the person you are looking for, write a few words about yourself, and wait about an hour until the program itself finds a couple for you nearby. A feature of Pure is that you don’t need to register, and the application itself doesn’t store any profiles and user data. All messages are deleted one hour after you make an appointment.

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3.    Happn

This application has finally realized the dream of many women and men because it makes it possible to find a person walking near you. Now you can get acquainted with those mysterious strangers who also have this application installed. It has many convenient functions: search for neighbors, people near home and workplace, and the ability to send music and voice messages. But there is a serious minus: despite such a nice idea, the app is still not so popular among Internet users. Happn is used by quite a few people. Also, for some reason, the function of sending images is missing. But it doesn’t mean that the app is worse than Tinder. Most likely, it will be popular soon because it is an unusual app.

4.    Bumble

Maybe you are a guy who is tired of chasing women and never gets an answer when talking to them. Or maybe you are a woman who wants to do what she wants. In any case, Bumble is a great alternative to Tinder. This is a dating site for women. Men are not allowed to text first – women begin a conversation. If a girl doesn’t write to you within 24 hours, the chat will disappear forever. There is no time to wait. You have to do anything to interest the girl.

5.    Badoo

You can safely talk with millions of people, but such an indicator doesn’t guarantee that the resource is worth and honest. But it can’t be said about Badoo. This is a popular dating site and app with many users. With it, you can search for friends and new acquaintances. There are various profiles that you can view in your free time. No restrictions; everything is completely free, which makes the application popular. Many people have the opportunity to communicate with interesting people. According to statistics, hundreds of thousands of users register there daily. All of them are from different countries, so there is an opportunity to make foreign friends. It is not surprising that this international resource has become so popular in the world.