How Quotation Software Works

How Quotation Software Works

If you’re currently using a manual process or have adapted a basic programme such as Excel to provide your quotations, there is a much better way. Quikflw is a type of software tools which is specifically designed for businesses just like yours, making the end-to-end process and pipeline management much simpler and easier to manage.

As well as increasing your capacity and maximising your efficiency, software tools produce quotations which look far more professional to the customer. This could be the deciding factor in clinching the sale, improving your conversion rates with just one simple change.

You may have already been considering quotation software already, or possibly you’ve never heard of it before. Here’s a walk-through of how quotation tools work and the benefits they could deliver.

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Speedy quotes in seconds

The process of providing a quotation doesn’t have to be laborious or long-winded when you use a software tool. The available automation makes it more efficient as well as looking more professional. A business sending quotations using a software tool will give the impression of being well-organised and serious about providing quality.

Quikflw is one of the tools that can offer an automated quote service, saving time on needing to enter pages of manual data. By linking up with your website and online presence, it’s even possible for clients to alter the quote to get the precise service they want.

This allows the clients to get a speedy service with the ability to tailor the quotes to exactly what they want to purchase. The same flexibility isn’t available when quotations are produced manually, as each amendment requires extra work.

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Online acceptance

The quote produced via Quikflw will detail the full service or product being purchased, with the cost for each item. This allows the buyer to accurately assess whether they’re getting the value that they want. It’s also one of the ways in which the quote can be tinkered with to get the desired outcome. Adding or removing products and services can change the cost and ensure it meets the clients requirements.

Once everything is satisfactory, the client can accept the quote online. This sends automatic confirmation back through the tool that the order should now be processed.

During the life cycle of the order, an invoice will also be produced. For some types of purchase this will be at the end, once the service has been delivered. In other industries, the invoice may be delivered upfront or at agreed milestones for longer projects. How you choose to set the invoicing up is entirely your choice but quotation software has the facilities to support whatever you need.

Access where required

Data protection has never been more important than now, particularly with the rollout of GDPR in 2018. Sharing data across Quikflw may be convenient but does it meet all the legal criteria for data processing and sensitive information?

The good news is that it’s all been considered already and there are different layers of access built into the software. This means that only the staff who have a business need to view the information will be able to access it.

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As the business owner and data controller, you can choose when to grant or withdraw access to the information, giving you peace of mind that the whole process and the data contained is completely secure.

Making the process simpler

It’s never too soon to start exploring what your process could look like with the introduction of quotation software such as Quikflw. Visit the website today and book in a free demo to see how it would work.