Top 5 Technological Shifts in the Education Sector

Technological Shifts

The 21st-century has involved a lot of technological progress, which has impacted most, if not all, sectors. The educational sector isn’t an anomaly, with some of the recent innovations in technology directly impacting how students learn today. Below are some of the most significant innovations and Technological Shifts:

Biometric Usage

Many attempts to curb cheating and even plagiarism during exams and assessments have been tried over the years. However, with the introduction of biometrics as the Technological Shifts, it will undeniably be harder for students even to attempt immoral attempts to score better.

Biometrics has widespread usage, from monitoring students’ attendance simplified to updating what students are borrowing materials. Whether a student is purchasing an item from a vending machine or needs to sign in to take an assessment, there are many benefits when you decide to introduce biometrics. 

Utilisation of Social Media- Technological Shifts

Whether it’s an adult or a child, with millions of people taking to social media over the past few years, it has definitely become an important technological tool to harness. Whether you want to inform parents of updates about their children or be relevant in today’s society, social media is the way to go.

Social media has a lot to offer, from connecting to various learning groups to ensuring that students and teachers stay connected even from afar. When you’re looking to be as involved as possible in a student’s life, social media can be the ideal tool to use. 

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Introduction of Online Assessments

The pandemic has changed how educators and parents view traditional education and assessments. With the majority of the world being confined within their homes, online assessments became the only way to monitor a child’s educational progress from any distance.

While schools are reopening, there are specific advantages of online assessments that remain. Whether you’re looking to increase scalability or make the logistics process easier for your staff, you can benefit from engaging with a leading edtech provider who can help you do that.

Online assessments also offer more insightful data and reports that can be harnessed to ensure a better academic future for your students. 


Online and remote learning has become the norm for many students across the globe, and while schools may be reopening, e-learning is here to stay. Many schools have now introduced a hybrid model to ensure students learn with utmost comfort even when they’re not physically attending a school.

Not only does it help ensure education for all, but it can also make it easier for parents who have to drive children far distances just for education. It is a convenient model that works for all those involved. 

New Classes and Curriculum

Students need to be prepared for a different future with the onslaught of so many technological innovations and the increasing global convergence. Many schools are introducing new classes to adjust to these changes, from special classes that teach foreign classes to even coding classes.

To ensure that your student is successful even after completing their traditional education, it is an excellent idea to introduce new and innovative ideas in your existing educational curriculum. By making the right changes at the right time, your students will be able to adapt to the real-life world much quicker after they complete their education.

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