Top Tips for Painting Commercial Buildings

painting commercial buildings

Thinking about painting your commercial building? Wondering what the key steps to painting commercial buildings are?

If you own a commercial building, then it’s critical that you keep it in good shape. Adding a new paint job is one of the most impactful things you can do to keep your commercial building looking brand new and ensuring that it’s a great place to do business.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you. Here are our top tips for painting commercial buildings.

1. Create a Budget and Work Schedule

The first thing to think about when painting a commercial building is what your overall budget and schedule will be for the job. It’s important that you create a detailed budget and know what the job will entail.

You should arrange your budget and schedule together to ensure that you can get the job done without letting costs get too high. Setting up a schedule for the project can help ensure that the process will go smoothly and that the job can be completed without any major interruptions or delays.

2. Don’t Forget the Prep Work

One of the most important parts of a commercial painting project is the prep work. It’s critical that you get proper prep work done for the commercial painting job to ensure that the paint job will stand the test of time and look as it should. If the surfaces are not prepared for painting, then there may be peeling, cracking, and flaking afterward.

Be sure that any commercial painter you hire puts in the time and effort to check the building beforehand and that they clean it and prep it adequately. This will help ensure that your paint job lasts longer and that there aren’t any serious issues with it after the job is done.

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3. Choose the Perfect Finish For the Job

Another important step to take for a commercial painting job is choosing the right finish to use. It’s usually well worth investing in high-quality paint materials if possible to ensure that the finished job will look great.

While you’ll want to consider your budget carefully, you should also do your best to buy high-quality paint that is fast drying and that is low or no-VOC. By using high-quality paint, your paint job will look better and will have a much smaller chance of failing over time.

4. Inform Employees and Customers

When you have a commercial painting job scheduled, it’s also important that you let the employees and customers of your business know about it ahead of time. Announce the dates of the paint job as soon as you can so that they’ll be well-prepared.

Some business disruption is to be expected when painting a commercial building, but if everyone who will be at your business is prepared for it, there will be a smaller chance of experiencing major setbacks. Announcing any dates that your business will be closed or reopened can be a big help.

5. Ensure That Your Building is Ready

Before you hire any professional commercial painters to come to your space, it’s important that you get your building fully ready for them. If your building is not up to code, you can run into big issues during the job.

Particularly if the repairs that are needed relate to the walls or the area that will be painted, it’s important that you get any needed repairs done ahead of time. Be sure to check for any repairs that need to be made and take care of them before you proceed to get a commercial paint job.

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6. Check the Work After Completion

Once your commercial paint job has been completed, then it’s important that you take the time to walk through and look it all over. You should be sure to take an adequate amount of time to examine the work that was done. Check the completion of the project to ensure that it has met all expectations that had been set beforehand.

It’s important that you check whether workers who performed the paint job have cut any corners or not or if they have performed their duties adequately. If a contractor has been hired, the manager should walk through with them to discuss any further needs and to confirm that the job was completed as outlined.

7. Choose Carefully When Hiring a Contractor

If you want to get a commercial paint job done right, it’s a good idea to compare your options when hiring a contractor. Be sure that you find out what the options are in your area and vet them thoroughly. You’ll want to look for a factory painting company with proven expertise and experience.

Additionally, you’ll also want to ensure that any contractor you hire is licensed and insured as required in your local area. You should also ask for references to get information about their previous work and to find out whether their past clients were fully satisfied with the finished job or not. You should also get a quote ahead of time to ensure that they’ll be the right option for your budget.

Using These Tips When Painting Commercial Buildings

If you want to give your commercial building a much-needed update, you need to put in the time and effort to get it right. Be sure that you consider the tips for painting commercial buildings listed above if you want your building to look better than ever.

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