Tips and Tricks on How to Make Name Tags for Your Employees

how to make name tags

People’s short-term memories can last as little as a few seconds before they’re forgotten. Depending on the environment, it can be especially difficult to memorize names and faces. That’s where name tags come in.

Whether you’re putting together a corporate event or looking to create name tags for long-term use, it isn’t as easy as printing names on labels. Understanding how to make name tags requires excellent planning and creativity.

Read more to find out some of the best tips and tricks for creating employee name tags.

Invest in High-Quality Printing

The last thing you want is unreadable nametags. While it might feel tempting to save money on printing, you’ll actually spend more in the long run. Nametags that are blurry or poor quality might only last for a few events, and then you’ll need to replace them.

Instead, consider something like these products that use high-quality dye sublimation and digital imaging. Digital imaging ensures a crisp image so your colors come out strong. Furthermore, high-quality service will usually offer a clear protectant coat to make the name tags last longer.

Include Your Branding

While business name tags need to make an employee impression, they should also convey your branding. Presenting your company branding helps present a more unified team.

If you’re planning on using your nametags at a tradeshow or conference, it can make your entire company more memorable to other attendees. Be sure you’re using your company colors and that every nametag includes the company logo.

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The more detailed you are, the more memorable it will be. Consider using your brand fonts throughout the name tag as well as subtle designs like illustrations.

Use Creative Designs

Nametags should be professional, but it’s also good to know how to make a cool name tag. Along with including your branding, get creative with the nametag visuals.

Always keep the name tag uses in mind. If you’re trying to help your employees network, focus more on their name and position.

For example, the design can include a unique illustration next to everyone’s name. Whoever they meet will be able to associate that illustration with the person. After the event, the attendees will be more likely to remember who they spoke with from your company.

Using your creativity also means breaking out of the mold. Nametags don’t always need to be rectangular, and they don’t always have to be white. Consider different ways you make the nametags stand out.

How to Make Name Tags for Every Occasion

Learning how to make name tags is important for any type of business occasion. Whether you’re welcoming a new team member or joining a conference, nametags help build your company awareness.

The next time you’re getting ready for an event, don’t let nametags be your lowest priority. Consider them as an excellent communication tool you can use to reach people outside of your organization.

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