What is Mobile Storage?

Mobile Storage

What is mobile storage?

Mobile storage is the ultimate money and time-saving solution for all your short-term or long-term storage needs. These units resemble small train cars or metal crates and can be placed in any location, so long as there’s space for them. It saves you the stress and hassle of dealing with moving companies.

Mobile storage has brought in a new dimension when it comes to storage. Rather than hiring a moving company, you only need to rent a unit and get it delivered to your location. Then, you can proceed to pack the unit, taking all the time that you need. When the unit is full, your moving company will then transport it to your new location. With it, you don’t have to rent a storage container at a storage facility far away from your home or office. 

Since the container will be placed close to your home or office, you don’t need to worry about the security of your items. These units are very secure—and your items will be protected for the time they shall be in the container. 

The following are the features of  mobile storage unit. Please note that these features make these units very dependable. 

  • Heavy-duty steel design – all mobile storage units are made out of heavy-duty steel. This includes the edges and the roof. Also, the reinforced doors of these units are made out of the same material. 
  • Optimum security – security is one of the top priorities for anyone seeking storage units—and a mobile storage unit will give you such. Some mobile storage units do come with an alarm system, heavy secure lockbox, steel locking features, as well as CCTV surveillance. 
  • Insulation – most of the modern mobile storage units have climate control features. That means, your items are protected, regardless of the exterior weather. 
  • Convenience – if you’ve ever used a mobile storage unit, then you can attest that they are easy to handle and use. Besides, you don’t get any time limits or restrictions when you rent a mobile storage unit. 
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How do I know that mobile storage is the right option for me?

Well, you can answer this question depending on your needs. There are several uses for mobile storage units. Here are a few scenarios where you need mobile storage:

  • When doing home renovations – most people tend to use it when doing home or office renovations. When it’s time to renovate your basement or install a new floor in your house, you can use this  option to store your furniture in the course of the renovation project. 
  • When traveling – it can benefit a person who’s planning to travel, and they have sub-leased their house or apartment. If this is your case, you can pack your items, and then send the  unit to a warehouse or storage facility for safekeeping. This will ensure that your belongings remain safe until you return. 
  • When constructing a new home – delays are inevitable during a construction process. Now, if you start experiencing delays with your new, and you have to move out of your current house, you can rent out a  unit to store your household items. Then, you can proceed to pack the storage unit close to your new home until the construction is complete. 
  • When relocating – professionals from Torex Toronto mobile storage say that it helps you to save time, space, and money while relocating. You only need to load your mobile storage unit, and then have it delivered to your new home. Besides, this unit can stay on-site until you finish unpacking and arranging your items. 
  • Students – if you stay in a hostel, and you need to vacate your room during the summer holiday to travel back home or go for a vacation, consider using it . This will be the ideal solution for the secure storage of our items while you are away. 
  • Long term storage – yes, it’s possible to use a  unit for long term storage. You can use the unit to store your classic motorcycle or car. 
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Bottom Line

Before renting a mobile storage unit, ensure that you check with your municipality to see whether or not you need a permit. Besides, it’s important to check with your insurance services provider whether your items are covered by the current policy in case of damage or theft. If not so, ensure that you get insurance coverage for these items before you start using it.