Best features in a hidden security camera

Hidden security cameras are with PIR sensors

Hidden security cameras can be the best thing security system manufacturing companies can give. security is essential but a hidden security system is a cherry on top and always will be.

There are a number of reasons for why a hidden security camera is more efficient at serving as your virtual and digital security guard.

Why they are the best?

Hidden security cam are the best spy cam because they are not just doing surveillance they also work as spies. The intruders will never know that they are being watched.

They are very small in size thus can be placed easily anywhere, although you would not be fixing it just anywhere but in case the most suitable place is a tricky one, then you will not have to worry.

These cameras does not have wires, users are safe from any kind of disconnection. Burglars cannot cut off the security system. First because they will not find one, secondly because these cameras are not wired.

Best features in a hidden security camera

Mini spy cameras are easy to install and uninstall, you do not have to call a technician for mounting and setting up your hidden security cam you can be your own professional, just follow the given guidelines by the manufacturers.

Motion detection

Hidden security cameras are no less than any other security system. They can work like the best security cameras, regardless of their sizes.

Motion detection is one of the key features of a security camera. Motion means something unusual is happening at the monitored spot. If a camera will not observe that suspicious movement then it is of no use.

Hidden security cameras are with PIR sensors which means that these cameras will find out a slightest change in temperature around the, these PIR sensors reinforce the power of motion detection feature, thus the user will not miss a single update about the monitored spot.

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HD video and image quality

Motion detection and surveillance would be impossible without vivid image quality. Hidden security cameras are usually with 8 MP cameras with a wide angle of up to 145 degrees, it is enough for getting a crystal clear video quality.

The 1080p lenses are the need of the time because video and image quality can never be compromised in a security system.

Many times we do not need videos of the actual events happening at the monitored spot, instead of videos still images are more significant, a powerful lens is aa prerequisite for a still image and hidden security cameras will never disappoint its users.

Night vision with Infrared lights

Many people does not believe that a hidden camera would be having infrared lights wit it. Believe

me most of them do have infrared lights for a clear and reliable night vision.

Hidden security cameras does not come in the same sizes, some hidden security cameras are attached with in LED lights or in wearable accessories. Do not rely on the outer look of the hidden camera’s lens. The accessories and tool boxes have got a number of other options for the users.

Some hidden security cameras come with some extra lanterns or bulbs for assisting the magical infrared lights.

Two way audio

Like motion detection two way audio is also an important and crucial feature. Hidden security cameras quite efficiently manages to provide the best clear and vivid audio.

Two way audio systems might seem a risk, and to certain extent they are, if you are not using it smartly. Hidden security cameras does have speakers but while using them you have to place the camera away from noise in order to get a crystal clear sound.

Weather repellent

Although hidden cameras are not used for outdoor purposes most of the time but if some hidden cameras are designed for outdoor use they come with a covering to fool the intruders.

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Thus the covering or the accessories to hide the mini soy cam are weather repellent, by weather repellent we mean that the camera along with its covering will resist moisture and high temperatures as well.

Battery powered

Hidden security cameras are wireless battery powered security cams. The size and the charging capacity of their batteries might vary but most of them have got a battery life of more than a month.

Some security cameras come with an option of secretly wired power supply, but they are not very efficient because camouflage used to cover the wires can be easily detected sometimes and this is quite risky.

Cloud storage

Hidden security cameras does not come with memory cards, this is because the space. Designers have to make as small camera possible.

SD cards occupy come space this is why only cloud storage is assumed to be the most suitable option for storing all the data. Cloud storage is unlimited and this is one of the most amazing feature a tiniest hidden spy cam can offer to its user.

Last words for getting a reliable hidden nanny security camera:

Security cameras are available in a number of shapes and each size or shape is for different purpose. The consumer have to find out what kind of security does he want like the nanny hidden security cameras on

If you can not afford an expensive security system than hidden security cameras are for you. These security systems are comparatively affordable as they are small in size and with a minimum set of tools. These can be fixed easily.

While purchasing a hidden security camera make sure that the accessories or the coverings such as bulbs, watches, alarm clocks or lights are what you need. Sometimes customers ignore these details and end up getting a useless security camera.

For instance if you are planning to have a security camera for your employee’s cabin then placing a alarm clock there would be the best option, you should not buy a hidden security camera fixed in a pen or in a watch, they would be of no use. Need analysis is very crucial before buying any kind of hidden security camera and for a proper and detailed need analysis a general awareness is a prerequisite.